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A POWERFUL PLAYER but a bit quirky the luxury arm of Nissan, Infinity, have come into their own in the last few years brining out among others the ever popular model among the Arab population, the G35.

By David Light

Published: Sat 21 Feb 2009, 9:10 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:28 PM

Infinity’s penchant for placing a shed load of power in an extremely light frame endears them to the speed demons which lurk around every turn in this part of the world and at considerably less cost than European or American equivalents means that new owners are getting younger by the day.

It is perhaps this image that Infinity are trying to shed with the release of the more family orientated but still trademark quick 2009 FX50. I would place the FX50 in the same category as the BMW X5 with an added bit of something. Its look has a bit of the craziness about it that you don’t find in the German equivalent. For the 2009 model, distinctive side air vents have been added behind the front wheels.But like everything else on the FX, the new side air vents are about function, not mere ornamentation.They allow air to flow through the engine compartment and out of the side of the vehicle, reducing front end lift by five percent, in turn, improving high speed stability which for a crossover SUV is essential. It is also essential to keep that mammoth engine cooled. The FX50 houses a dramatic new 5.0-liter V8 engine rated at 390 horsepower whose scream is sure to get anyone’s attention and blows the European competition out of the water.

It’s a bit unusual, has a strong presence and attracts attention for filling a role that no other car can. Who would drive this vehicle? Of course it’s the Oscar-winning star of American Beauty Kevin Spacey. Spacey thrives on taking the not so obvious route both in his choice of roles and acting style. A veteran of the London stage his way of portraying a character always manages to stand out among the regular plethora of Hollywood plastic fantastics.

So how would Mr. Spacey fare in his FX50? Well the comfort element is more than enough to entice any driver inside. The Infiniti FX’s interior features a command centre-style cockpit designed to enhance the driving experience.The leather-appointed 8-way power-adjustable driver’s and front passenger’s seat are available with a new quieter, more efficient heating and cooling functions for maximum comfort in any season.

The interior also includes an array of comfort and convenience equipment, including a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear stick, four 12-volt power outlets, power windows and aluminium pedals.Hospitality features include Infiniti Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition and a special welcome lighting system with 12-point sequential lighting that starts with turning on the puddle lamps under the side mirrors as the driver approaches the FX and continues to light key areas as driver and passengers settle into the interior.

Another new feature is an Advanced Climate Control System that removes or neutralizes interior airborne contaminants.The system includes a ‘Clean Mode,’ which emits a low concentration of negative and positive ions that attach to airborne particles causing an attraction to interior surfaces so they are no longer floating around, while rendering them harmless.

The new FX comes equipped with state-of-the-art audio – an advanced Bose system, acoustically engineered to optimise sound within the FX’s interior.The 11-speaker system features an AM/FM/6CD player and steering wheel-mounted remote audio controls. A new Infiniti DVD Navigation System is complemented with voice guidance system and phone function.

Spacey would be able to get from his day job managing the Old Vic back home to change, and be back in central London in no time to be insulted on the Jonathan Ross Show. All this would be done in comfort, extremely quick time whilst turning a few heads in the process.

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