Sophie's secrets

Singer-turned VJ-turned actress Sophie who is all set to perform at the Asian Underground event tonight shares her bootylicious secrets with City Times

By Aabia Ahmad (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Thu 29 Nov 2007, 10:04 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:41 AM

soSHE FIRST set the television screen afire as part of the all girls band Sansara. When the band folded up, she moved on to MTV where she made a name for herself as a VJ with a difference.

Soon her next passion surfaced and it was on to the big screen for the pop star who in the meantime had sizzled her way into men's hearts with her chartbusting numbers. Here in an exclusive tete-a-tete Sophie who promises to deliver another rocking performance at the Asian Underground, talks about her career moves.

When did you realise that you were meant for the stage?

I always knew I wanted to perform on stage. I think I was three-years-old when I interrupted my brother’s school play, jumped on stage and did a cute little bow for no reason but got a thunderous applause!

After that there was no looking back. I feel like a different person on stage. It’s like I get to show a whole different side of my personality; Flamboyant, fun, fiery!

How does being a VJ compare with being an actress?

Being a VJ is really about having fun, connecting with young stars by being yourself and the fact that I’m so successful at it hopefully means that the MTV generation really does connect with me… And I’m so happy about that. As an actress the challenge is not to be yourself but to step into someone’s shoes every time the camera is rolling. That’s a huge and fundamental difference!

Do you think you'll stick with music, or would you like to cross over into more straight-ahead acting?

I feel super privileged that I’m the only girl in India who is recognised as a singer, VJ and now steadily as an actress. I got a super response from Pyar ke Side effects and even for my brief role in Aggar.

It’s no secret that I VJ less and less. I enjoy MTV for its youth connect but honestly my heart is in acting and singing!

so1Nonetheless I won’t leave music because it is a great passion and people really respond to my music and to my live performances.

Tell us about you upcoming film roles.

In fact my next film is called ‘Alibaug’ and is being directed by Sanjay Gupta. It’s a fantastic acting role and people will be really surprised by me in it.

In fact Sanjay Gupta keeps saying he wants to put ‘Re-introducing’ Sophie Choudry in the credits the way Farah Khan recently did for Shah Rukh in Om Shanti Om!!

There is another fantastic project which I can’t talk about yet which is more along the thriller lines and one more comedy film soon to be announced.

But I recently did a guest appearance in a film with Govinda. It’s a big deal for me because growing up in London I adored him and used to pretend to be Neelam and later Karisma and I use to make a female friend of mine pose as Govinda! To act with him and for him to tell me I’m a brilliant actress was a high!

I have no Godfather in this industry and I am a complete outsider so if I want to work on my own terms with my self respect in tact I have to prove myself slowly and steadily. And I am not afraid to take the long route!

Your journey started with an all girl band Sansara, do you have any plans to work with them again?

Sorry. We aren’t the Spice Girls. We split up in March 2000. We haven’t spoken to each other since. Though I wish them well wherever they may be.

Among your co-stars, which actor would you like to work with again?

Zayed Khan because I think we look great on screen together and we share a lovely chemistry. Would love to do a film like Italian Job with him! Other than that, hundred percent a full fledged film with Govinda.

Do you see yourself going international with acting?

Let me make a mark in India first with my acting.. Of course having been brought up in London and Paris I have the advantage of speaking English and French without an Indian accent. Plus I’m repeatedly told that I can look very international. I’m open to all kinds of films and offers — It's my creative outlet.

Have you found your Mr Right or are you still looking for one? Mr Right?

I haven’t even met Mr Right Now! I wish had the time to look!

I absolutely love fashion. In fact Dubai is a great fashion hub and I can’t wait to hit the shops!!!

Do you follow any fitness regime to maintain your figure?

So you wanna know my bootylicious secrets, huh? Well I’m a very picky eater though I love good food. I just don’t eat much junk even though I have a sweet tooth.

And I have a rocking trainer called Zarine. Everytime I try to bunk working out she hounds me with calls and threatens to weigh me… that’s enough to make me run to the gym!!

But seriously fitness should be about fun — dancing, working out, walking, yoga I do it all because I enjoy it!

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