Sister act

With the happy news that Amrita Arora-Ladak is pregnant, sister Malaika has taken on the role of mother hen

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Published: Mon 3 Aug 2009, 8:28 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:24 PM

AMRITA ARORA, THOUGH blissfully in love, has shut herself away from many – since she’s experiencing bouts of evening sickness. Her in-laws are thrilled that their new daughter-in-law will soon give them a reason to celebrate with the birth of a grandchild.

But more than Amrita’s mum Joyce or her in-laws, it is older sister Malaika who’s fussing over her like mother hen. As always, Malaika has taken the lead in doing all that she can for her little sister. Which confirms Amrita’s take that “Malli was always more like a mother to me while we were growing up… Our mum was more chilled out while Malli was stricter. While I adore her, I’m also a little scared of her because she’s so correct. She takes her responsibilities of daughter, wife and mother very seriously. I hope I can achieve half of what she has as a person.”

Well, she certainly seems to be going in the right direction! She, like Malaika, married a man who adores her. Both girls had church ceremonies as well as nikaahs. Both live in Bandra and both, take their husband’s families very seriously.

Amrita has always been devoted to Malaika and Arbaaz’s son Arhaan.

And she had her own share of pampering from Malaika while growing up. When Malaika was about to get married, Amrita burst into tears only days before the event. She pouted that she didn’t have the right shoes to go with her outfit. And Malaika grins, “While the attention was supposed to be on me, there was Amu throwing a fit. So I gave her the special diamante embellished shoes I had bought from abroad, which I was saving for my wedding. Of course the way she wore them and got mud all over them, I could never wear them again! Even now, she goes through my closet and takes whatever she likes from it.”

The couples get along well too – Arbaaz, Malaika, Shakeel and Amrita being movie buffs, they get together to see at least one movie a day. And Malaika, who always giver her family priority, is more than happy to reorganise her day around Amrita!

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