‘Singham has a different message’

You have been missing from the Bollywood scene for a while now

By (BM&C)

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Published: Wed 20 Jul 2011, 8:49 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:27 PM

I have been doing a variety of work even though I’ve not been much in Bollywood. It also has to do with my choice of films. I did a dance show, an Italian movie, Fear Factor, published my book, turned guest editor for a column. My work is scattered but it’s good work.

What did you enjoy the most about working in Singham?

I loved every moment spent on this film. I didn’t really know what to expect since I couldn’t figure out what Rohit Shetty had in store. But he was simply brilliant! He’s a director who’s open to suggestion, he concentrated more on the film and how it would be perceived. I miss the fact that we’re done with the film now.

Tell us something about your role?

I can’t reveal much as I am the mission of Ajay’s character. This character wasn’t there in the Tamil film but was introduced in the Hindi version by Rohit.

Many say this film has a lot of similarities to Dabangg.

Singham has a different message; it doesn’t want to be like any other film. It’s not trying to be anything else, because its purpose and story is different. BM&C



‘I am going to make a career in Bollywood’

Why Singham?

I had seen the original Tamil movie Singham back when it was released. However, at that time the remake trend had not yet begun. I loved the movie a lot and when Rohit decided to make this film and approached me with a role, I immediately accepted the offer. I was quite happy to be part of this film especially since the language is well known to me.

Ajay being a perfectionist must have made it quite an overwhelming experience for you.

I’ve always been a very big Ajay Devgn fan. Working with him was a fabulous opportunity because he is such a professional. Despite being a big star, he’s extremely humble and down to earth. You don’t even feel like you’re working with someone so famous. He’s worked very hard and is looking stunning.

How does it feel to be back in Bollywood after your stint in Kyun Ho Gaya Na?

I don’t look at it as heading back but rather as a start because I was in the ninth standard when I did Kyun Ho Gaya Na. I just did that film for the fun of it since the offer came my way. I look at Singham as my big debut in Bollywood. I am going to make a career in Bollywood but that does not mean I’m going to neglect my films down south. My loyalties lie there but I will be shuffling up and down depending on the roles I get.

Ajay is known to be quite a prankster. Were you a victim?

Yes, I was a number of times and it was embarrassing. Especially the one where he asked me to hit the goons with his belt when I wasn’t even required to do it. I was quite taken aback and obviously fell for his prank. I was way too embarrassed after that.

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