Sight to Behold

City Times speaks to Fabian Martin from pop-rock act Behold the Locus, who are preparing for the imminent release of their self-titled EP

When did Behold the Locus begin?

The band has been around for about two years. Actually, it began with me just doing acoustic stuff and then people started getting interested in it. We’ve got a new singer and drummer, so the current lineup has been together for about two months.

What’s your role within the band?

I’m the guitar player and songwriter. I used to be the singer as well, but we decided we needed to get a proper singer so I could concentrate on the guitar.

How do you go about your songwriting?

I start off by writing a big chorus, then everything else falls into place. Basically, I just wait till I get a good chorus in mind.

And which acts do you feel write the best choruses?

I’d say The Police, and a band called Jars of Clay – they’re one of my main influences. Also Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul.

Would you say that you tend towards the softer side of rock compared to your Rock Nation contemporaries?

That’s the purpose – I play in another band called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which is hard rock and metal, so I’ve kept Behold the Locus more commercial rock.

How long have you been writing music?

Probably 15 years, mostly heavy music but the pop-rock thing began in the last three or four years.

Is the band a democracy or are you in charge?

It’s a democracy but I usually have the final say. You need to have that. We’ll get together and jam – of course, people bring their individuality into it and most of the time everything just works. I’m cool with making changes here and there as long as there’s direction, but if I feel something isn’t clicking I’ll say so.

What are you looking for in the Rock Nation crowd?

We basically just want people to chill out and have a good time. It’s not angry music, so it’s not for angry people! The songs are more sentimental, fun love songs.

Are you quite a sentimental person to know?

Actually, not at all. That’s why I find it fun – when I write metal it’s really personal, but when I write pop it’s good for a change.

Are there any artists or bands who you consider to write ‘wrong’ pop music?

No, not really. In pop you have so many different styles. There may be bands that don’t appeal to me, but I wouldn’t say anybody is doing it the wrong way.

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