Shilpa shocked to see her biography

IT WAS by sheer chance that actress Shilpa Shetty heard about a new biography on her life. “A fan in London came up to me to sign a book. When I saw what it was I nearly jumped out of my skin.

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Published: Thu 3 Apr 2008, 9:54 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:43 PM

It was a biography on me. That’s how I first came to know about it. I turned to my friend who was with me and asked, “Has someone really written a book on me?”

That was Shilpa’s first introduction to Julie Aspinall’s Shilpa: A Biography, which hit British stores six months ago and now comes to India.

Shilpa, who’s in Paris, is surprised the book will soon be available in India. “The author has never met me. I don’t know who she is. She knows me only from what she has seen of me on Big Brother. The rest she seems to have dug out of magazines in Mumbai. That isn’t the way to write a biography, is it? Frankly I don’t want to give this book any importance by talking about it.”

And for those who really want to know more about the actress, Shilpa says that she plans to write her own biography some day. “But not right now. I haven’t achieved anything that warrants an autobiography. Maybe when I’m 50 I’d be ambitious enough to put my story down on paper. Right now I’m too busy living my life to brood about it.” That’s a long wait ahead, but hopefully well worth it.

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