Sherawat not Bhanwari Devi

Mallika Sherawat had fuelled a storm of protests when word got around that she would be playing Bhanwari Devi, the slain Rajasthani nurse in KC Bokadia’s Dirty Politics.


Published: Mon 18 Feb 2013, 9:43 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 5:49 AM

During the shoot in Indore, Mallika apparently had visitors from a particular political party who claimed the Bhanwari Devi scandal was being dug up on another political party’s behest.

But Bokadia, who knows real-life stories court controversies, has decided to take the safe route out. He has made radical changes in the script. And the film is no longer being touted as Bhanwari Devi’s story.

“My film is not about Bhanwari Devi. First of all Mallika is Anokhi Devi in the film. Secondly Bhanwari Devi was a nurse. The character in my film is not like the controversial nurse at all. People are unnecessarily jumping to conclusions,” says Bokadia.

Until recently both Bokadia and Mallika couldn’t stop talking about the real-life antecedents of her character.

“We decided to steer away from the whole headline thing when politicians jumped into the fray. We didn’t want to face what Shekhar Kapoor had to go through during Bandit Queen or what Ekta Kapoor had to face during The Dirty Picture,” said a source close to Bokadia.

Mallika has also been advised to go easy about the biographical aspect of the film. For Mallika’s fans, who are dismayed to see the bold actress wrapped up in a saree, here’s some heartening news.

She will be doing some hot sizzling dance numbers.

“Mallika plays a dancer. She will do whatever the role requires,” said Bokadia.

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