Shahid Kapoor on a total high

THERE WAS a point when his boyish looks had actually become a hindrance and he lost a lot of important projects because he had no box office clout.

There was also a point when good films were difficult to come by and he ended up doing just one odd film a year. But the success of Jab We Met has done for him what even Sooraj Bharjatiya’s Vivah couldn’t do.

Though Shahid Kapoor didn’t get the awards like Kareena Kapoor did, for Jab We Met, he definitely has reaped the benefits of its success. Like Kareena, Shahid too has many offers and might sign more films than he ever has in his five-year-old career. He now has loads of offers coming his way and filmmakers are keen on signing him up. And since he is getting busier by the day, the producers are actually paying him more to put their deals first on priority basis. And believe it or not, all the projects he’s doing now are solo hero ones. This kind of box office respect only stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar can command. He is one of the very few actors to have only solo hero films in his kitty currently. He is definitely on a high with a great line up of films to his name.

That’s not all. Apart from being approached with solo hero projects Shahid is being offered big money too. What’s more, production houses are knocking at the doors of this boy with multi-crore deals. First one to offer him such a deal was none other than YashRaj Films. Shahid will be doing two films with them and is said to have got a huge sum for the deal.

Now, UTV has also approached the star with a deal and Vishal Bharadwaj is also keen on signing him for more than one film. Insiders say that UTV is on the verge of cracking the deal with Shahid. It seems that they had approached him earlier but Shahid could not make any kind of commitment. But now, UTV is ready to pay him three times more than his usual price so that Shahid gives their projects top priority. The amount is said to be anything between Rs 15 to 20 crores.

Vishal Bharadwaj, who had last made a multistarrer in the form of Omkara, is all set to embark on a product with Shahid as the only hero of the film. Well, Shahid is definitely inching his way to the top! Even Ken Ghosh’s film, tentatively titled Star, will have Shahid in the solo lead.

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