He is an actor, choreographer and now a director all rolled into one. He has no hassles about doing a lead role in the morning and slipping into his famous rubber soles, moving over to choreograph — with absolutely no ego — some intricate steps...

By Manjula Ramakrishnan (SIMPLY SOUTH)

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Published: Thu 7 Apr 2005, 12:12 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 5:55 PM

for another leading hero in the afternoon schedule. And this is what has endeared Prabhu Deva to the industry. And now he is basking in the success of his directorial venture starring Trisha and Siddharth — Nuvostanante Nennodanta in Telugu that has put him in the big league. But he continues to be simplicity personified. And now the jewel in the crown is Boney Kapoor having approached him to direct a love story in Hindi. Go for it buddy, rarely does one find a man so unaffected by success in the industry.

Come one, come all

More the merrier they might have decided, safety in numbers and all that! Otherwise why this trend of having two heroines in many of the Malayalam films released of late — Laya and Sindhu Menon in Thommanum Makkalum, Padmapriya and Kavya Madhavan in Vadakumnathan, Laya and Sandhya in Alice in Wonderland, Rambha and Kavya Madhavan in Kochi Rajavu, Bhavna and Gopika in Chaanthupottu. In cases where powerful stories are written specifically with two women pitted against each other, it makes good cinema sense, for instance, Meera Jasmine and Urvashi in Achuvinte Amma, Meera Jasmine and Kavya Madhavan in Perumazhakaalam. While the last two films have heroines from within the Malayalam film industry, more often than not, the Telugu or Tamil imports find a place pairing opposite top heroes, thus garnering a distinct niche for themselves in the process.

Good deeds from large hearts

Some people do good deeds albeit very quietly and with no fanfare. And Captain Vijaykanth after the success of his medical college in Chingleput is now opening an engineering college in Pondicherry. So what is the big deal, surely it is yet another business, one might say. But what is large hearted about this is that in these colleges there is no capitation fee, no donation collected and admission is based purely on merit. And for those students who surely deserve a seat but are economically backward, the Vijaykanth Trust comes forward to sponsor them. If he is so altruistic why the huge wedding hall in Chennai making pots of money, ask some. Amidst so many good deeds if he wants to set aside some moolah for his retirement so be it, let us not nitpick on generosity.

Man with a mission

G. Thyagarajan is the President of the Film Producer’s Council and is peeved that production costs and ultimately film costs go up astronomically due to the so-called established stars charging the sky, the moon and some more. The only solution in sight is to introduce new faces he decided and hence is on a mission to identify aspiring heroes and heroines. Towards this end he has called upon youngsters from across Tamil Nadu to participate in his talent search titled, Naalaya Natshathiram. Erstwhile directors K. Balachander, Balu Mahendra, Mani Ratnam and S.A. Chandrasekhar will judge the final round. Good thinking, provided it is handled right and there is no mess up as is usually the curse with such lofty sounding exercises in filmdom.

Two is a crowd

The film has not yet been released in the theatres, but already the satellite war has begun over Chandramukhi, with Sun TV and Jaya TV beating a path to Rajnikanth’s door to gain the required telecast rights. Sun TV has so far enjoyed sole rights over all of earlier Rajnikanth’s films and so the world cannot understand where and when the second player stepped in. But Jaya TV started figuring in the negotiations because for one — the producers Shivaji Productions are close to Sashikala and for another — Rajnikanth’s recent friendly overtures to Amma makes Jaya TV believe that he might be inclined towards them. Would be fun to watch who finally wins the battle for the biggie. Anyway sooner or later all the films — big and small — come to the small screen as Indhiya Tholaikatchiyil mudhan muraiyaga!

Point to ponder

What is it with the Malayalam audience that they go all out to support the aging, 50-plus heroes, lament the younger caboodle of stars. They also ask plaintively as to why the same Malayalis cheer and clap for young Tamil heroes like Dhanush, Vijay and Silambarasan — so why not us they ask, frustrated and fed up to the core. Point! Is this also why actors Madhu Warrier, Jishnu and Nishant Sagar are working for free in a Biju Varkey film? This is besides adorning other hats — with Jishnu officiating as camera associate, Madhu Warrier assisting the director and Nishant will act as production manager!

Insecure individual

He was unhappy with the script and promptly changes were ushered into the final copy. Happily he trotted off to Kodaikanal for an uninterrupted shoot for 24 days. Both Ajith and his director K.S. Ravikumar are happy people today. But to keep Ajith in this state of good cheer, the story had to be altered drastically to give him not one but three roles, that of father and his two sons! While Meena is to pair with the father, Asin will be the love interest of one of the sons and a Mumbai gal yet to be decided for the other. After the flat-on-its-face fall of his Ji and Attahasam, Ajith is not willing to take risks, hence safety in numbers both with the number of characters he does in the same film and his lady loves. Certainly a case of insecurity rearing its ugly head!

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