Senior hero haunts the hot actress

Govinda, who is desperate to make it big in Bollywood again, wants to act with hot heroines around. He has chosen the sexy siren Mallika Sherawat to star opposite him

ONE CAN see that Govinda is getting very desperate. After his hit film Partner he is determined to hit the big time again. He wants to get out of his B-grade set up. So he has been approaching some top actresses to work opposite him.

At present he is chasing the elusive Mallika Sherawat and she is as usual behaving pricey. He contacted Mallika a month ago saying he wanted her to work with him. She agreed to meet up but then suddenly stopped communicating with him. He kept calling her incessantly but with no response. He was getting more and more furious. So, he began to send her four smses a day. Mallika is too ambitious a woman to act opposite a non-star.

She got mean and showed his smses to a colleague who found it so amusing that he released it to the Press. It read: “Mallikaji, Main Govinda naam ka ek chota sa actor hoon. Mujhe aap se milne ka ek mauka deejiye.” Yet Govinda does not stop trying to contact her. Why she cannot pick up the phone and say she is not interested one does not know. An insider insists that Mallika likes to lead people on. It is sad that she is doing this to a sweet guy like Govinda because everyone is aware that he suffers from some mental disorder. Some, call it schizophrenia, others call it obsessive-compulsive. Whatever be the problem she should not encourage it.

Govinda lost out on many films because of his strange misgivings. It was Salman who befriended him and brought him back on track by giving him Partner, which did much for his career and confidence. Unfortunately they had a bit of a fall out when Govinda started talking to the Press about Salman and Katrina. That is when Salman stopped communicating with Govinda to show his displeasure. But when Govinda apologised profusely all was well again. Salman was even thinking of offering him a role in Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

In the meantime Govinda tried to make up with all his previous co-stars. When he bumped into Karisma he talked of them tying up again as a hit team.

Next he tried to make up with Amisha Patel. They had a past misunderstanding but he wanted to forgive and forget. Amisha having no career to speak of and having been brought down by a peg or two agreed to let bygones be bygones. And when she was approached for Money Hai to Honey hai, she readily agreed.

In between he tried to contact his old and good friend Rani Mukherjee but she has now gone up a few rungs and due to their past history she could not even give him a helping hand. He now has a film with Reema Sen called Chal Chal and one under the BR Chopra banner, but that is not what he is willing to settle for. After all at one time actresses were longing to act opposite him. He is desperately trying to bring back those days. Hence his obsession with Mallika?

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