Seeing life through a fisheye

LIKE THE fisheye lens that takes in an extremely wide and hemispherical image, young band Callalily now looks at life from a bigger perspective.

By Aprylle Liabres (Contributor)

Published: Sat 15 Mar 2008, 1:13 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:29 PM

You can't blame them, really, because what these five talented college students have achieved in just more than a year in the business is nothing short of a miracle.

It was not too long ago that vocalist Kean Cipriano, bassist Aaron Ricafrente, lead guitarist Alden Acosta, rhythm guitarist Tatsi Jamnague and drummer Lemuel Belaro (four of them are schoolmates at the Conservatory of Music of the University of Santo Tomas, while one is from the nearby Far Eastern University) were just another struggling band trying to win the attention of people.

They played at school events and gigs in small venues, paying their dues like other bands before them. They dreamed of success too, and it came very quickly, leaving even the band members themselves breathless with surprise. With the kind of competition there is in the band scene these days, they were prepared to wait, but apparently, fate had other ideas.

A management contract, a recording deal with Sony BMG, a debut album (Destination XYZ which turned gold), five number one singles (Stars, Take My Hand, Magbalik, Pasan and Sanctuary.), endorsements, nominations (for Favorite Artist, Favourite Group and Favourite Music Video at the MYX Music Awards), screaming fans (mostly teenage girls who call themselves Callalistas) and countless gigs came in quick succession.

What takes other bands years to achieve, they've done in half that time. Sometimes the guys can't even believe it themselves. "We are so thankful for the warm reception and the chance to be part of music history," says Alden.

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