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The Bhatt camp’s upcoming flick Raaz 2 spells trouble even as the film approaches its release date.

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Published: Wed 31 Dec 2008, 9:34 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:53 PM

Coincidentally, both the main lead actors of the film, Kangna and Emraan Hashmi are not around for the film’s publicity and promotions. The burden has fallen on Adhyayan Suman who is nervous as he has to shoulder the entire burden. Besides, this is only his second film and he has put all his hopes into the success of this one. The Bhatts are annoyed that neither one of their top stars are present to promote their film.

Emraan Hashmi who has been given all his hits by the Bhatts is adamant on taking a long deserved break and has planned a holiday to Hong Kong. The timing couldn’t get worse for the Bhatts who are very upset with him. These are difficult times for filmmakers and they need every bit of help to promote their film.

The Bhatts are even wilder at Kangna who is doing her high and mighty diva act. She did the same with Madhur Bhandharkar for Fashion when she felt that Priyanka was stealing the limelight. She refused to attend any of the promotions where Priyanka was present.

Raaz 2 has had problems right from day one. Emraan Hashmi’s adamant behaviour, say sources, is due to the fact that the actor has gone through a lot of tension during this film. He patiently bore the tantrums and erratic behaviour from both his co-stars. It is then that he planned his much deserved holiday.

Not so recently, Emraan lost his cool and stormed off the sets thus canceling an entire day of shooting - the reason being the Kangna-Adhayayan drama, on the sets of the film. The two lovebirds’ refused to come out of their van for many hours while Emraan was ready and waiting for his shot. When he could not take the insult any longer, he walked out of the set. It was only after being assured by the director that such behaviour by the two would not be tolerated again, that he returned for the shoot the next day.

The second one came in from Adhyayan better known for his child-like and obsessive behaviour. Adhyayan took home (and refused to return) a painting of Kangna that was required to be burnt by Emraan Hashmi in an integral scene of Raaz 2. This again resulted in delays and added more tension for the actor and director. Emraan being a thorough professional just wanted to complete the film and then take off on a break.

When all the stories of Kangna and Adhyayan reached the media, Kangna was wild. She blamed the Bhatts for leaking out the news. It is then that she decided that she would not be part of the publicity and promotions once the shoot was over. The Bhatts seem to have bad luck as far as their heroines are concerned. After giving them hits, they all behave ungrateful. Like Mallika Sherawat who decided to act all pricey once she was through The fate of films depends a lot on clever promotional strategies. Even big guns like Aamir Khan will go out of his way to promote his films as will Shah Rukh. Now, the fate of Raaz 2, lies in the hands of Adhyayan Suman. This young actor who has yet to establish himself cannot afford to let his second film flop.

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