'Second chances are always the best’, says Baweja

Second chances are always the best’, says Baweja

Harman Baweja is hoping to re-launch his career with gangster movie Dishkiyaaon, writes Arti Dani.

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Published: Thu 27 Mar 2014, 10:17 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 8:12 PM

HARMAN BAWEJA IS all set to make his comeback with this weekend’s release, gangster movie Dishkiyaaon, produced by Shilpa Shetty.

When City Times caught up with him in the midst of the promotional drive for the movie in India, the actor came across as modest and courageous enough to accept that while things did go wrong in the past, he was more than willing to take a second shot at stardom.

“Well the saying goes that second chances are always the best. I hope the saying is as true as any other saying could be. I have put in a lot over the past few years. I went through a phase whereby it was very emotionally challenging for me. Like one of those things where you distance yourself from certain things you are very very close to, where you have put in a lot of hard work. But then comes a stage where you tend to follow your instinct. That’s what I did. I have gone by my instinct and gut feeling, picked up a character who I think has a great story to tell. It’s a very challenging role - I think the greater the challenge, the brighter one can shine.”

Harman made a high profile debut with Love Story 2050 co-starring Priyanka Chopra in 2008, followed by two other releases, What’s Your Raashee (2009) and Victory (2009); however, all three movies failed to click at the box office. When quizzed about his current state of mind he said: “Hectic… because of the promotion - there is a lot of nervousness, anxiety and excitement. I wish there was a better word - pre-release jitters maybe?”

Right now he is also in the news for being in a relationship with Bengali beauty Bipasha Basu. The actress recently took to the social media to officially acknowledge she and Harman were a couple. Rumours are also doing the rounds that the couple might make it official this year.

With Bipasha promoting her beau’s film on social networking sites, what does the gushing boyfriend have to say? “Bipasha has reacted really well to whatever she has seen so far, I am presuming that is the reason why she has been talking about it on social media. I know you must be thinking otherwise but, well, she also likes what she sees, that’s pretty much the reaction I am getting from her.”

Shilpa Shetty who turns producer with Dishkiyaaon, also makes an appearance in the film for the retro song Tu Mere Type Ka Nahi Hai, so how was the lady on set? Harman replies: “Shilpa is not the producer, she is an actor. And her perception is, she thinks like an actor. She actually made the film from her heart. Her passion comes before the budget. We usually have our meetings where Raj (Shilpa Shetty’s husband) is quarrelling with her, sweetly though, saying, ‘You have to think of the budget and pay attention’. And on the other hand you have Shilpa who says ‘It doesn’t matter. Films are made out of passion.’ That is the case of our film. This film is made with lots of passion and lots of love.”

Besides Harman, the project also features Sunny Deol and debutant Ayesha Khanna. The plot revolves around the Mumbai underworld and Harman’s battle for survival in this world of crime.

“This script came to me through the writer and director (Sanamjit Singh Talwar). He actually narrated the script for a 15-minute short film that he wanted me to do. I loved it and told him, ‘Why don’t you write a full length feature film.’ He said, ‘promise me you will do the film’, I said, ‘promise me you will write it as well as you have written this 15-minute film’. So he delivered his promise, I delivered my promise and here we are with Dishkiyaaon.”

Harman says he did not have any reference point for this character hence he gave his own interpretation to this role. “My character is Ricky Kartoos. It’s a very bizarre contradiction that this character lives by. He is an emotional gangster who is also very cold blooded and calculating and he plans everything. It’s a great character with various shades; I had to create him from thin air because I did not have any reference for this character.”

Now it’s just a matter of time before the verdict is out - whether this team of hopefuls will get acceptance from an audience who is not settling for anything ordinary these days.


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