Sanjay on a song

After making his debut as a singer a decade ago with Aye Shivani in Khoobsurat and lending his vocals to a dozen odd songs since then....


Published: Tue 10 Feb 2009, 9:22 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 11:24 PM

Sanjay Dutt has sung two songs for his upcoming film Chatur Singh Two Star.

Talking about the two versions of the song, Wajid, one of the composers, said: “While one of the versions is a rap number with an underground feel to it, the other is a full on film version with dialogues incorporated in it. Both versions are very nice and carry an international appeal,” said Wajid.

“I can confidently state that for the first time, audience will acknowledge that Sanjay Dutt has sung like a playback singer. He has his ‘sur’ in place and is bang on with his rendition,” Wajid stated.

Sanjay has sung a dozen odd songs before Chatur Singh Two Star, most notable among them being Aye Shivani (Khoobsurat), Tez dhaar (Musafir) and Rama re and Chhod na re (Kaante).

Considering the fact that Chatur Singh Two Star is a comedy, Wajid admits it’s a difficult task to experiment much with the music.

“Any other genre and you can play around with the setting and arrangements, but one has to work extra hard to make one song appear different from another when it comes to comedy. This is where Sanjay’s interest in a project comes into picture. The rap version especially was quite difficult to sing, but it’s his effort that makes it stand out. It’s a good new age song,” said Wajid.

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