Sanjay Dutt finally free of Rhea

SUDDENLY THE mystery unfolds! Sanjay Dutt who had actually married Manyata a year and a half ago and proudly admitted it (in his drunken stupor) had to just as suddenly withdraw the statement. His lawyers told him to immediately deny it. Now we know why.

How could he marry when he was not divorced from wife Rhea (Pillai)? Everyone had forgotten about his previous marriage. In the meantime wife Rhea had got pregnant by Leander Paes and even delivered a baby! And no one really questioned Rhea or Leander about how and when they got married because one presumed that if she was giving birth to a baby of Leander, she must be married to him. After all, who would have thought that Rhea would do something so filmi?

It was only now in February when the divorce came through that. Sanjay decided to solemnise his relationship with Manyata. And everyone thought that he was publicly legalising his marriage because Manyata was pregnant. The truth was that he had just got his divorce from Rhea.

Who knew that Sanjay Dutt until now was taking care of all Rhea’s expenses? Even though she has been living with Leander Paes for the past two years and had a baby by him too.

Rhea is one lucky lady. She has got an apartment worth Rs 8 crore from Sanjay and has lived off Sanjay until the divorce came through this February. Even the Honda Accord that she drives has been paid for by Sanjay and gifted to her. Sanjay has been paying for all her expenses on his credit card that she has been using. He has been reportedly taking care of her expenses which amount to a limit five lakhs a month, even while she is living with Leander. It is also said that her mobile bills are paid by him. Sanjay has reportedly paid for her trips in India and also when she went to the US. He is reported to have picked up the tabs on her expenses there too.

Rhea is said to have hired a tough lawyer who left no stone unturned for her.

Sanjay who was patiently waiting for his divorce to come through can now sigh with relief and begin his life on a fresh note.

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