Sander Kleinenberg in the house

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Sander Kleinenberg in the house
Sander Kleinenberg

Published: Wed 29 Mar 2017, 6:26 PM

Last updated: Mon 3 Apr 2017, 5:50 PM

DO YOU SPEAK Tiger? No? Well, on Thursday you're in luck. Tiger Translate is one night that is sure to live up to expectations as DJ Sander Kleinenberg takes to the decks. Going on from 9pm, Tiger Translate is taking over Pure Sky Lounge at the Hilton on The Walk.
Thirty-five floors up you're going to be admiring the view, listening to Sander's tracks and, if you want, getting inked with temporary UV tattoos courtesy of some seasoned body painters.
We spoke to Sander about what to expect.

What have you got planned for your Dubai set? Will there be any visuals to go with the sound?
I just came from Miami Music Week where I played at the Ultra Music Festival and premiered three of my new tracks. So I have a lot of fresh music to play in Dubai. Also, my new single Midnight Lovers just came out. Go check it out! There won't be visuals this time. I wanted to focus on the music the last couple of years. I will bring back the visuals soon though!

What is the city's reputation in the DJ community?
Dubai for the last 17 years to me has been a really vibrant destination. It's extremely eclectic and this music is perfect for a city with that much diversity.

Where is the best place to DJ?
I always try to focus on the next gig and not so much dwell on where I like it most but if I have to name one place, House of Yes in Brooklyn is my favourite.

This is your second decade  in music, are you positive about the future of techno and dance? What would you like to see change?
My professional international career started in 2000. I've be on the scene at a high level for 17 years. I still love it, I'm still very excited but the reality is that it did lose some of its original vibrant elements. It had turned into a professional industry. I sometimes miss the pioneering days.

How has your own style evolved over the years?
I want my music to always capture a sense of progress. I rely heavily on some core values but I'm always looking for an original approach. Due to the easier and more accessible production methods, great originality can still be found every week.

Are there any collaborations we can look forward to?
I did a collaboration with the English DJ Ryan Blyth. Also worked with disco pioneer George McCrae and Lithuanian future talent Embody. Both records out soon.

Do you think the time you broke out was the optimum time for your music or would you like to be starting out today?
I'm very happy with my journey. If you have talent and passion and if you're willing to work hard you can always find a place in the music scene.

By David Light

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