Sameera Reddy is Madame Sam!

Sameera Reddy has been off the Press for a while. And that, she says, was to be away from the unnecessary reams devoted for her alleged affair with South Indian superstar NTR Junior. Obviously, she feels there is more to talk about.

By N Anandhi (Contributor)

Published: Thu 10 Aug 2006, 2:16 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:25 PM

sameeraWhy have you suddenly disappeared?

"That's because I was shooting for Naksha and Fool and Final. I prefer concentrating on my movies first and then talking about it. I am pretty chilled out when it comes to interviews. But I don't like to be talked about for my personal life, when the fact is that I don't have a personal life. Actors don't have personal lives; I guess that's a known fact (laughs).

News is that you are developing a mobile game I am not developing it, but I am helping a software company develop an action game. I have been working on this for the past six months. But I wasn't talking about it, because I first wanted it to happen properly. The lead character of this game show is inspired by me. She's called Sam. It's been a really different experience for me (laughs)."

Are you a game freak?

"An absolute game freak! I carry my play station on the sets, can you beat that? I have loved action games, ever since I was a kid. That's what made me take this project up. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done it. It was simply my love for the games (laughs)."

Let's talk about your film Naksha. It's an action role, right?

"Not much. But I have done my own stunts, whatever I had (laughs). It's a story about the search for booty. My character is stuck between Sunny (Deol) and Viviek (Oberoi) since they are two different individuals in similar situations."

Viviek and Sunny are also your co-stars in Fool and Final. So, how was it like shooting with them?

"Oh, since we were shooting both the films simultaneously, we would bump into each other on both the sets. It was fun. I have been a fan of Sunny, and I look up to him. But with Viviek, the equation is different."

Why do you go to the South very often?

"That's because I work in Telugu movies. Simple."

Nothing else?

"I know what are you going to ask (she is rumoured to be going around with South Indian movie star NTR Junior). But I am not doing much work there now. Anyway, I guess I have been traveling all over the country with Naksha (laughs)."

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