Salman and his antics

HE HASN’T given as many hits as Aamir and hasn’t won as many awards as Shah Rukh, yet he’s more powerful than both these Khans put together. A tussle with Salman is enough to blacklist any actor; ask Vivek Oberoi and Aishwarya Rai ..

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Published: Thu 5 Jul 2007, 10:58 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:10 AM

whereas, if you have won this Khan’s friendship then you’ll be rewarded with Rolex watches and films; Zayed Khan and Govinda have both been extremely lucky in this department.

Here’s a look at the Khan and his relationship with the other pillars of Bollywood...

Salman Vs Bachchan’s

Salman was extremely fond of Amitabh Bachchan, after all dad Salim, was the script writer of Amitabh’s first hit film Zanjeer.

No wonder when Bachchan Junior, Abhishek entered the industry Salman wished the youngster good luck and the two became good friends.

Trouble brewed when Salman heard that his then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai was getting too close to Abhishek her Dhai Akshar Prem Ke co-star.

An angry Salman rushed to the film’s set and abused Ash verbally. When Abhishek intervened Salman reportedly asked him to mind his own business.

However, a few days later Salman made up with Abhishek after Sanjay Dutt intervened.

The friendship had turned sour, and things further became worse when Abhishek started dating Aishwarya in 2006.

Famous for his erratic behaviour, Salman now begun avoiding Abhishek and Amitabh. Even the Bachchan’s chose to keep away from Salman. At the premiere of Babul, starring Amitabh and Salman, both the actors kept away from each other. Amitabh consciously avoided Salman at the recently concluded IIFA awards in Yorkshire.

Salman Vs Shah Rukh Khan

An ideal case of friends turned foes, turning friends again. Salman and Shah Rukh got along fabulously while working in Karan Arjun; reportedly, they even celebrated Eid together at Salman’s place.

This time too the friendship was ruined because of Aishwarya Rai. While Ash was shooting for Shah Rukh’s home production Chalte Chalte, Salman gate-crashed the shooting and destroyed the sets which resulted in the shoot being cancelled.

While Salman was on his disruptive spree, Shah Rukh tried to intervene and stop him but Salman who’s known to have an uncontrollable temper lost his cool all the more and got into a verbal duel with Shah Rukh. This was the end of their friendship.

A few years down the line, at Farah Khan’s wedding, Salman and Shah Rukh kissed and made up. Like their fight, their coming together too was an emotional moment.

Reportedly when Farah Khan asked Salman to hug Shah Rukh, an emotional Salman started sobbing and the otherwise reserved Shah Rukh too got carried away and sobbed!

But this meeting didn’t wash away all the bitterness. Shah Rukh continued to keep a safe distance from Salman; he refused to work with Salman in Shirish Kunder’s Jaaneman.

To add to Salman’s woes, Shah Rukh released his Don The Chase Begins along with Jaaneman. Not one to be cowered down Salman sarcastically told the Press, “Shah Rukh is leaving no stone unturned in promoting his film. What chance does my small film have? Even if you don’t see Jaaneman it’s okay! Do watch Don it’s a great film!”

But today, wisdom has dawned on the two mighty Khans, they have reportedly made up and are now inseparable. Apparently, despite being in London Shah Rukh gave the IIFA Awards a miss but he didn’t fail to catch up with Salman who had come to attend IIFA.

Salman also shot a guest appearance song in Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om with Shah Rukh. Industry sources reveal that the Khans are building a camp of their own as they are feeling threatened by the Bachchans. This camp has even decided not to work with Aishwarya any more.

Salman Vs Aamir

As different as chalk and cheese but together they gave the smashing hit Andaaz Apna Apna but that was the first and last film that Salman and Aamir did together.

While their on-screen pairing was superb, off-screen both Aamir and Salman were just about civil with each other because of their contrasting personalities.

Over the years Salman has taken a lot of potshots at Aamir, though Aamir has never made any digs at Salman. But things seem to be changing now. After staying away from Salman for so long, Aamir is now suddenly bonding with him.

Sources reveal that Aamir recently attended a party at Salman’s house thrown for Sallu’s close friends. At the party Aamir spent a lot of time chatting with Salman and his dad, writer Salim and if everything goes well both the actors will soon be seen in a film together.

Industry sources reveal that after keeping away from any camps in the industry Aamir could very well join forces with Shah Rukh, Saif and Salman to complete the Khan clan.

Salman Vs John Abraham

That Salman has an inflated ego is a well-known fact. While most newcomers tend to bow down before Salman, John begged to differ. Problems arose during the Rockstars concert in UK. John, a rising star didn’t like the fact that Salman promoted himself as the Rockstars and the soul of the concert.

A disgruntled John passed a few unsavory comments about Salman which irritated and annoyed him. Things worsened when Salman asked all the stars to cut their rates so that the choreographers could be paid more money. All the stars paid up except for John and Mallika Sherawat who openly disagreed with Salman.

Not following Salman’s order is hara-kiri! John became his enemy number one.

Ever since John and Salman have returned from their tour the latter hasn’t missed a chance to comment on John. When asked about why Babul had flopped? Salman replied, “the second part of the film was weak!” The second part had John Abraham while the first part had Salman.

Salman even dragged Bipasha Basu, John’s girlfriend into the war. He walked right past Bipasha at a private party.

But recently say industry insiders that the actor seems to have mellowed down a bit. Just recently he complimented John on his lean looks. At 41, Salman has calmed down and matured... is this just another whiff of change or is this for permanent. We can only wait and watch.

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