Roshans biggest nightmare!

KRAZZY 4 was all set for release when a day before D-day, the Roshans have to face the biggest nightmare of their lives.

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Published: Sun 13 Apr 2008, 10:20 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:43 PM

Ram Sampath had sued Roshans for stealing his jingle for their film Krazzy 4. According to him, the Roshans had used his jingle in four music tracks including the title track of Krazzy 4. In a petition submitted before the court, Ram claimed that the title track and the remix versions are copies of his Sony Ericsson mobile ad jingle, which came out in 2007. He also demanded a compensation of Rs 2 crores to the damages caused by the Roshan family. Ram who is a famous composer of advertisement jingles has to his credit the music soundtracks of the super hit Khakee and Let's Talk.

Giving its verdict on an appeal, the Mumbai High Court had ordered the Roshans to remove the title track Krazzy 4, before its release. As this verdict came just the day before its release the Roshans were in total shock as they had released all the prints in India and overseas. Not only that, Hrithik and SRK's Break Free item number is the main attraction of the film and these would have to be removed from the film. An impossible task set before the Roshans. Rakesh had felt that these songs and dance would add weight to his film. So he approached Shah Rukh to do an item for him which Shah rukh had readily agreed to do.

Ram stated in his appeal that the Roshans copied his 60-second music titled The Thump. He had created the jingle for a mobile phone television advertisement last year and the Roshans had used the same tone in the title track of their upcoming film without his consent.

The judge said, "To my untrained ear, the music appeared to be similar.” He had listened to both Ram’s work for a Sony Ericsson mobile phone advertisement as well as the two songs composed by Rajesh Roshan for the film.

Ram’s lawyer said that his client was a ‘small time artiste’ and needed to be protected when his work was plagiarised by such ‘big people’. It is reported that as the defendants were earning Rs 7 crore per month just from the ring tone downloads and Rs 2.5 crore per month from the sale of the music, Rs 2 crores as compensation was fair.

To add to all this, reports say that the film is a lift from The Dream Team. Even the posters of the films look alike.

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