Prepare to laugh out loud with Vir Das in Dubai

Prepare to laugh out loud with Vir Das in Dubai

The popular Indian stand-up, who is performing this Saturday, tells us why we should attend his Loved Tour show

By Michael Gomes

Published: Wed 5 Feb 2020, 1:14 PM

Last updated: Thu 6 Feb 2020, 9:01 AM

One of India's most famous comedians is returning to Dubai to give fans a jolly good ribbing when he takes to the stage this Saturday. Prepare for an evening of laughs as Bollywood actor and columnist, Vir Das, unleashes his witty and satirical brand of humour at his Loved Tour that's taking place at Dubai Opera. 
A popular name in the stand-up circuit, Das is known for his unique take on life and politics. He often brings out personal stories that are liberally peppered with satire.
Das has the honour of becoming the first Indian comedian to land a comedy special on Netflix titled Abroad Understanding, which showcases him tackling diverse subjects during his performances in New York and New Delhi. He has also appeared in Bollywood movies like Delhi Belly, Badmaash Company and Go Goa Gone and has featured in Variety magazine's 10 Comedians to Watch list.
Having performed over 100 shows across the world, Das, whose shows are in English, is well-versed in engaging people from a cross section of nationalities and backgrounds. Rest assured he's going to engage the Dubai audience with his caricatures. The show is being brought to the UAE by Colors Live and Comic On Nights.
Ahead of the show, Das lets us in on what to expect at his show. Excerpts from the interview.
Why did you decide to call your show Loved Tour?
My show is called Loved Tour because it has a comedian travelling around the world to see if there is a universal or different idea of love. He also questions whether he is good at love or not. I also wanted to show that love makes people feel good and how it has brought the world together. So if you're in love, out of love, don't believe in love or even hate people who are in love, you should surely come to my show.
You've performed several shows in Dubai, what do you like about the place? 
It feels great to be back. Whenever I come to the city I indulge in a bit of shopping for the family, then I visit the aquarium (at The Dubai Mall). I do it every time I come to Dubai, it's my favourite thing to do in the city. 
What has been the response to your shows in Dubai  as compared to other venues? What do you like about the audience here?
I love the audience in Dubai, because they are very enthusiastic about comedy. I feel good comedy comes out of Dubai. Talking about them being compared to the audience from other parts of the world, I think in Dubai, people are partying even before the show begins, so it's nice to come to a place where the audience has already warmed up for the show, even before I have stepped on stage! I do not need to warm them up. 
What can fans expect at your show this time?
Fans can expect an act that's packed with love, personal stories, take on politics and political personalities, India as well as loads of edgy stuff.
Your Netflix show, For India, which premiered last month is India-centric. Do you think the timing was right to release such a show, considering the country is going through a sensitive time and people may not take to your jokes lightly? 
I can't control how people accept my jokes, the only thing I can do is to control how I write my jokes. So all I do is write my jokes, deliver them and cross my fingers hoping 'not to die'.
How did you come up with the idea of mixing comedy with travel as seen in your reality series Jestination Unknown? 
Comedians travel a lot. We often go around the world (for shows) without even seeing the place. It just happened that I wanted someone to pay me to stopover in a city and check it out, instead of just going from the airport to the hotel. I also wanted to tag along some of my friends on my trips. So Amazon came up with this 'giant' opportunity for us to do Abroad Understanding. It's a show about all the cities we've visited, we turned these opportunities into one big scale production. I hope I can get to do it again.
Is Vir Das as witty in real life too (at home, with family)?
I'm a very very boring person in real life. When you pay me, I can be very funny, but in real life I have to do it for free, so you may find me boring.
Performing abroad and at home, what's the difference for you?
Abroad, I get paid in foreign currency, while back home I get paid in Rupees and I also have to pay very high taxes.
What inspired you to get into comedy?
Rejection from the opposite sex. 
Do you think stand-up comedy has arrived in the subcontinent?
The day I stop getting asked this question is when I think stand-up comedy has finally arrived. 

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