WITH the play season in full swing, Dubai's very own local theatre group, Pratibimb, is presenting two family comedies on Thursday and Friday at the Emirates International School, in aid of the Al Noor Centre for Special Needs.

By Bindu Rai

Published: Wed 7 Jan 2004, 2:21 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:39 AM

The first is a Hindi play (Thursday), Roko Magar Pyar Se, based on Ratnaker Matkari's Javai Maza Bhala. Friday's play is a Marathi-musical, Ghashiram Kotwal.

Roko Magar Pyar Se is written by Milind Tikhe and directed by M. H. Rizvi. The play traces the path of 10 characters, enacted by Pratibimb's well-known artists, with Kishore Bhatia providing the music.

Manjit and Prito Chodhury live a content life with their children, Happy and Pinki. The only problem is, those children aren't young any more but entering into adulthood - complete with the independent way of thinking and aspiring to get married.

While Prito realises early on that her children are old enough to understand life and make their own decisions, her husband Manjit does not agree. He is shocked to know that his daughter has decided to marry Rajkumar Bijlani, a person of her choice, so being the father that he is, he opposes the proposal.

Things get worse when he insults Rani Bijlani, who is Raj's mother, and announces to all that the marriage does not happen. It is Raja Bijlani, Raj's father, who plays a trick on Manjit to reunite the young lovers.

Roko Magar Pyar Se beautifully portrays the father-daughter and the father and son-in-law relationship and is a must see for all families.

The second play can be considered as a milestone in Indian theatre. This two-act musical, written by Vijay Tendulkar, is based on Nanasaheb Peshwe, a character from Indian history. Nanasaheb was supposed to be a very cunning and shrewd administrator, who falls in love with a girl much younger than him. Her father, Ghashiram, does not accept this proposal and refuses to give away his daughter.

Cunning Nanasaheb then bribes Ghashiram with the post of Police Chief. This temptation is too much to refuse, and Ghashiram agrees to accept the offer and in return, gives his daughter's hand in marriage to Nanasaheb.

The problem is that the responsibility of working as Police Chief is not easy to handle. Incompetent Ghashiram feels he can get away with any thing as he has Nanasaheb's support. He becomes arrogant, cruel and harasses people.

As the play progresses, the situation gets worse and finally Nansaheb takes action to save his own skin, much to the horror of Ghashiram.

Tickets for both plays are priced at Dh15 and are available at Sakonis Restaurant, Dubai and Chinese Fork Restaurant, Sharjah.

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