‘People say I look like Sophia Loren’

BOYFRIEND JOHN Abraham believes she’s never looked better.

While Karan Johar thought she looked like a Peruvian doll! Bipasha herself was inspired to go in for the look after seeing how successfully R&B soul singer Rihanna carried it off recently. “Across the world, chic girls like Katie Holmes, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham are wearing this look,” said Bipasha explaining her decision to cut her hair.

She’s back in the news after a little while. Next on the charts for her is her new film Race, in which she plays a hardcore action role, and her look for which is distinctly Sophia Loren. Not strangely, she’s been compared to the Italian-born Hollywood sex symbol of the 1960s by people like Sir Paul McCartney and even Sir Ben Kingsley. It’s a compliment Bips accepts as matter of fact. “My dad also thinks I look like Loren,” she admitted, while dismissing her look in Race as being “only eye make-up with extended eye liner and no kohl at the bottom”. As for her male co-star in the film, the sultry actress said of rockstar Saif Ali Khan, “He is a super co-star, fun-loving and very focussed and we have good chemistry on screen.”

But, yes, Bipasha is now raring to go. Her Cape Town holiday with John is now a distant memory and she accepts that the chilling out period in 2008 is over and it’s time to get down to work. Talking on International Women’s Day, Bips said, “I love celebrating anything. I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be born at a time when women power is doing wonders. It’s so good to see women finding their own niche.”

She is all for women being financially and emotionally independent. “But having a man in life is special. I am little old fashioned in this regard. Men are as important in our lives as we are to them. I can’t imagine and don’t want to live without a man,” she smiled. But there’s no marriage on the cards at least until she’s 32. “That’s a nice age to settle down. And thankfully, at this point I am not being pressurised by John’s family or mine.”

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