Pakistan stars Nida Yasir and Faisal Qureshi launch 'Chalo Dubai' tourism initiative

Nida Yasir was in the UAE to talk about Chalo Dubai Tourism for Pakistan Pakistanis to visit with bespoke packages from ARY
The morning show host talks Chalo Dubai

Both were in the city to speak about the bespoke travel packages aimed at Pakistani tourists

By David Light

Published: Sun 15 Sep 2019, 6:10 PM

Last updated: Wed 18 Sep 2019, 8:02 PM

WE'VE HAD JENNIFER Aniston and Nicole Kidman luxuriating aboard the nation's airlines and Shah Rukh Khan imploring visitors to enjoy all Dubai has to offer in typical 'Baadshah' style. When it comes to promotion, the local tourism industry realises celebrity guarantees an impact, which is why on Sunday it was down to Pakistani television personalities, morning show host Nida Yasir and serial actor Faisal Qureshi, to sprinkle their stardust on our city and send out a message to their compatriots: "Chalo Dubai". Translating as "let's go to Dubai," the eponymous Dubai Tourism campaign is harnessing the duo's influence to spread the word about an initiative designed to give Pakistan's travellers increased structure by offering bespoke holiday packages.
"I have visited Dubai several times, but even nowadays I don't know how to plan my tour," Yasir began at a Five Jumeirah Village press meet. "So it's easier to give the responsibility of our tour to responsible people."
The bundles, available for purchase from a popular news channel's 'Sahulat Bazar' online shopping platform, last four-days-three-nights and include city tours, access to a wide variety of attractions and potential interactions with celebrities.
Not only in the UAE to endorse the scheme, Yasir was also trying out the Chalo Dubai concept.
"When I plan my tour, sometimes it's a bit lazy and boring. But this time it was like: in the morning somewhere, in the afternoon somewhere, in the night somewhere; it was wonderful."
The presenter revealed her favourite experience from this visit - taking in permanent acrobatic theatre show La Perle by Dragone, stating it had 'something for everyone.' Yasir also plans to broadcast an episode of her programme from the UAE in the near future.
"To promote Dubai is like a family thing," Qureshi said. "People are messaging me (from home) asking what I was doing here. I told them and said they should come.
"I think they (Pakistani film industry) should come and shoot here more. Tom Cruise has done it!" 

Faisal Qureshi was in the UAE to talk about Chalo Dubai Tourism for Pakistan Pakistanis to visit with bespoke packages from ARY
Enjoying life in Dubai

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