Firstly, a big sorry to all the Noori fanatics who I have hurt with last week's Noori bashing. Now, I know people read this part of the newspaper. The thing is that I liked Noori, the post-SKMHJ Noori but after the album got released, Noori, Ali Noor, in particular has not given me a single reason to be proud ...

By Qamar Khalid

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Published: Thu 27 May 2004, 1:39 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:57 AM

of the band. Making the band popular is fine if you do it in a manly way, since Ali Noor belongs to that gender. And, anyway keep the comments coming in. Thank you all the haters, thank you all those who appreciate it and thank you all those who pretend to ignore it.

Talking of Noori, let me just tell you that by the time you read this, Noori's latest video will be on air. It's of 'Neend Aye Na' and has been shot in Dubai while the band was here some months back. From what I have heard, the video was shot on a handy cam and has been edited by Mohd. Ali Jaffri, so do not expect much. What you should expect much from is the news that Ali Noor has convinced ace director Asad Ul Haq to direct a video for his band. The shooting is at the moment taking place in Lahore. Wonder of which song is it? Let's just hope Asad concentrates on the concept as much as he does on making it look good.

Finally, Junoon fans are coming out and commenting on how the new album, Deewar, lacks repeat value. I mean wasn't Ishq all about that as well! Is that the reason why instead of releasing a completely new album, the band has shelled out a Best of Junoon album with only Pappu Yaar, Garaj Baras and Tara Jala from the new album? On the Junoon front, Salman Ahmed is busy in supervising the final touches, which are being given to his version of Ghoom Tana which he sang with Shubha Mugdal and which was shot with Nandita Das and Salman Ahmed in it.

The King of Bhangra, Abrar Ul Haq, is back with his latest album Nachaa Mein Udday Naal Naal. The reason why Abrar is still doing good and the reason why Abrar is appreciated even by those critics who detest commercial music is that he comes up with something new every time. Unlike Jawad Ahmed who is stuck to the Tak Dhoom formula. Another reason is that he has not over-exposed himself, whether it maybe concerts or music videos, he manages to maintain his exclusivity. I bet his fans are eagerly waiting for the album to hit this part of the world. From what I have heard of the album, it is a runaway success.

Half the year has gone by and we have seen a couple of good videos and a bundle of crap labelled as videos. After the disappointing start that Jami had this year with Fuzon candy and then Strings Chaaye Chaaye, he seems to have settled a bit with another Strings video, Dhaani. Sohail Javed has managed to make one good video out of the numerous bright videos he has released till now. Hope he's not reading. For I fear the bag of videos he has ready with himself to unleash upon all of us. No doubt the video I am talking about is MHB's Sajan. The band was also part of another good video directed by a lady called Maryam, the video of Rabba. Certainly shows two contrasting images of the band. Gothic-Man Baber hit it right with the crispy Sohniyae of Strings. I cannot think of any more good videos. No, Channo is not my idea of a good video. But, Falam's Husn Walo definitely was worth watching for the obvious reasons. The bad ones are countless. Pick any Ali Sher video or if you really want to torture yourself then pick the DJ Jashan video or confuse yourself with which Mizmaar video is the most harmful to the mind and eyes of course!

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