Sohail Javed, is walking on the same path as Jawad Bashir. Churning out new videos everyday. I wouldn't be complaining if the videos had something new to offer. In a space of three days, I have seen three new videos of his. He is busy making videos for every Tom, Dick and Harry of the music industry.

By Qamar Khalid (Contributor)

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Published: Tue 20 Jan 2004, 2:05 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:42 AM

Video churning spree

However, his latest video for Sajjad Ali is worth a mention. The video is supported by a nice storyline. Sohail Javed is currently working on String's Bolo Bolo and Noori's SKMHJ, which will be on air anytime. While, Jami, on the other hand, is busy giving last touches for the video of Dhaani by Strings. This video will definitely be something to look forward to as it is being directed by Jami and has Strings in it, which means that there will again be a unusual concept, which will be unveiled to us!

Making Melodies

Sajjad Ali, the man with the golden voice, is back with a soothing song called Ghum. The song is great and like all other Sajjad Ali songs it takes its time to grow on you. His new album is something to look forward to and is called Rungeen. Sajjad Ali, is someone who is liked by musicians of all genres of Pakistan because he is true to his art and is actually very talented. The new look that he is carrying in this new video of his is quite different. It features three stories going on simultaneously and has Hamza Ali Butt of IM Bhang-ra fame in it.

What's with the accent, dude!

While, on Hamza Ali Butt, who is responsible for a new show on IM, which shows "songs with a certain bang," according to him. Someone should tell the lad that there is a difference between Punjabi folk songs and Bhangra, and also that he should try being more of himself and should get rid of that accent of his! While on IM's hosts, Anoushe has a new companion on her show called PK, who in fact is a frog, and who mysteriously speaks like a frog for a week and then like Dino for another! The best host of IM would have to be Faizan who makes a point to tell his viewers something more than just music. Watch his show called eyeM and you will understand. He is a complete natural. Keep up the good work!

Junoon to try 'Maahive...'?

If someone still does not know, Junoon is coming to town with Sonu Nigam for the sequel to Jaan Yehi Dost Hai concert, which is being held on January 22 at the Aviation Club. Like all Junoon concerts this one is sure to rock. Rumour has it that Junoon will open the act and will give a try at singing Maahi Ve of Kal Ho Na Ho, while Sonu Nigam will shout his lungs out at Pappu Yaar Tang Na Kar. Strings is scheduled to perform in Dubai on February 5 along with a horde of Indian artistes. Strings has recently returned from a successful tour of the USA.


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