Over-gymming lands actors in bed

SANJAY’S NON-STOP TRAINING : For the past year he was unable to workout due to his numerous personal problems. Now that he is more at peace he went headlong into working out for his action packed film Blue.

He has had a serious back injury due to his non stop training to achieve not just a six- pack but an eight- pack.Sanjay has been training with Lawrence who is a physical trainer and nutritionist from Hollywood. He had charted out a strict diet for Sanjay for the next two months, only sea food and no alcohol. After which he will only be allowed to eat chicken. Only one kind of protein a day, and no hot or cold drinks. Just water. His training was an intense three hour work out a day. And one hour of spinning every morning.

After the sixth day of rigorous training Sanjay just collapsed. Some say he had an intense muscle pull and others say it may just be something more. A back expert has been called in to help Sanjay get back on his feet. Says the expert, “Sorry I am not at liberty to discuss my client but yes it is serious and may hamper Sanjay from doing those drastic action sequences in the future.”

Says Sanjay, “I have injured myself and I admit that it is because I pushed myself far too hard. I just got excited that I could work out in a gym after such a long time. It is extremely painful but if I want a fit body I must be prepared to pay a price. The muscles in my biceps, triceps and back are very swollen and sore. I did all this because of the action film that I am doing. But I just cannot understand what happened to me on Saturday. I just collapsed.”


Shah Rukh Khan had also collapsed due to dehydration while he was on his six- pack body building regime for his Dard-e-disco song for Om Shanti Om. Farah Khan had to give him a stern talking to before he ruined his health at his age.


Kareena Kapoor too collapsed on the sets of Tashan where her hottest scenes wearing a bikini were being shot. The tension of looking ravishing forced the young actress to stop eating, living on just orange juice and working out. Days of this routine played havoc into her body and it finally succumbed to the high pressure. Said her trainer, “Not eating and exercising is very dangerous. One can also border on anorexia which is frightening.” Kareena today weighs less than 48 kgs and has a 22 inch waist. Aditya Chopra thinks she looks amazing and is thrilled with her scenes but at what cost?


Hrithik Roshan went through a very trying period when he developed a severe knee problem. It began on the sets of Krrish when he had to do a lot of action and dance sequences. It got worse while shooting for Dhoom 2 because of all the action scenes.

Jodha Akbar took its toll. The horse riding, elephant training, sword fighting scenes made things even worse. His armour was unbelievabley heavy that is put a grave strain on his knees.

Eventually Hrithik had to go to Singapore for treatment and rest. His father’s own film Krazzy 4 got delayed because of Hrithik’s injury.


Sunny Deol had to ultimately stop doing stunts because of his back problem. Needless to mention that SRK had to go through a total back surgery to set himself right.


Jiah Khan on the other hand is going through agony trying to gain weight for her film. She is very keen on doing this film opposite Shahid Kapoor to be directed by Ken Ghosh. Her role is that of a dancer and so she cannot look as thin as she does. Her body had got a lot of criticism in Nishabd. People said she looked painfully skinny. Her pictures were shown to a Hollywood choreographer who made it clear that the actress should immediately put on weight to fit the part. So Jiah is running from pillar to post desperately trying to gain weight and stuffing herself sick. Due to this she is having sleepless nights as her entire routine has been drastically changed. Priyanka too went through a lot of turmoil trying to lose her extra weight. She had to go through a total change of routine and suffered a lot of mental trauma.

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