Olivier twist

KYLIE MINOGUE has enjoyed secret meetings with former lover Olivier Martinez in an attempt to rekindle their fouryear affair. The couple separated in February amid reports Martinez had cheated on Kylie following her breast cancer ordeal, earning him the nickname 'Le Rat'.

But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the couple have recently enjoyed at least two romantic rendezvous in Paris.

After one lunch meeting, Kylie, who was visiting the French capital for a routine check-up at Tenon Hospital, was spotted kissing and embracing Martinez outside a cafe on the Left Bank, close to where the 41-year-old actor has a home.

The couple have remained friends since their split, and the actor often allows Kylie to stay in his flat in the fashionable St Germain district but this was the first time they have been in the city together. And both Kylie and Martinez have come to realise they are the love of each other's lives, according to friends.

'Kylie has made regular visits to Olivier's home in Paris over the past few weeks,' a friend revealed. 'And recently their relationship has begun to redevelop.

'Things started to progress when Kylie flew over for a hospital appointment. They went for a heartto-heart lunch and thrashed out a few issues.

A second source said: 'Kylie put on a chic black dress and headscarf to look as Parisian as possible. She loves the look, and knows Ollie does, too.

'We were all delighted to see them back together again. She always says she's at her happiest in Paris, and especially with Ollie. She still calls him the love of her life.

'Since their split they've talked to each other on the phone constantly, but it's only in the past few weeks that they've started meeting again. It would be wonderful if they got back together and the signs look good.

'While Kylie was recovering from chemotherapy, she spent weeks at Olivier's flat, and he was there for her. She has such fond memories.

'It sounds sad but Kylie also loves Olivier's dog, Sheba, and takes him for walks whenever she's in Paris. Olivier loves that.'

The pair split shortly after Kylie was given the all-clear for cancer. Olivier was accused of cheating on her after he was photographed with 24-year-old Israeli model Sarai Givati although at the time Kylie denied her boyfriend had been unfaithful.

Since the split, Olivier has been linked to several women, including Spanish model Goya Toledo, while Kylie was recently linked with film director Alexander Dahm. But she denied any romance and said: 'I'd find it completely immoral to be involved with a married man.'

'Kylie is proud of her achievements and is planning a big party this summer to celebrate two decades in the music industry,' said the friend. 'But what she wants most is to get married and have lots of children.

'Since her split from Olivier, she realised her dream may never be fulfilled and she was desperate to patch up their differences, as he is the love of her life.'

Last night, a friend of the French actor said he was keen to 'discuss the possibility of patching things up with Kylie after realising she was the love of his life'.

A source said: 'Since they split up they have still been very close. For months, Ollie and Kylie were practically living as man and wife. It was an intensely close relationship and it must have been very hard for him to give up.'

A spokesman for Kylie insisted: 'It's not true that they are back together. They do see each other but that has always been the case.'

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