Unlimited high-speed net access for only Dh125 per month. Stunned? As part of a new promotional campaign, Etisalat Internet and Multimedia (EIM) is now offering its high speed net connectivity solution for home users, Al Shamil, for just Dh125 per month.

By Pradeep Kumar

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Published: Tue 27 Jan 2004, 2:32 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:44 AM

Under this package, Al Shamil offers users an access speed of 384 kbps, much higher than the 58 kbps access speed offered by a dial-up connection.

"With Al Shamil, you pay only a fixed monthly charge and have unlimited Internet usage without worrying about your monthly bill," says Majed Khalifah Al Mesmari, Marketing Executive - Internet Access, Etisalat Internet and Multimedia.

Prior to the current promotional campaign, Al Shamil's 384 kbps connection package was priced at Dh250 per month, apart from a one-time registration charge of Dh200 and the charges for modem. Under the promotional campaign that closes on February 19, EIM has waived the registration fee and reduced the monthly rental charges by 50 per cent for the first three months after signing up - Dh125 per month for first three months.

"The subscriber will save as much Dh575 if on the ADSL infrastructure and Dh625 on the HFC infrastructure in this promotional campaign," Majed said.

The new promotion package is ideal for all those EIM's dial-up subscribers who are concerned about the huge bill they have been incurring month after month for net usage. With Al Shamil, the user ends up paying a fixed charge for unlimited Net usage.

The Al Shamil package comes with a free dial-up connection and an e-mail account of 5Mb space.

Surf's up

Unlike a dial-up connection, Al Shamil besides being fast, is also reliable and 'always on' Internet connection. 'Always on' means, that unlike with a dial up connection, one does not have to take trouble to log in and go through the entire authentication process before getting connected to the Internet server.

As the Al Shamil connection comes on a separate dedicated line, your telephone will no more give out 'busy' signal to the caller.

With Al Shamil, like applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel, the user can start browsing the Internet once the computer completes the booting process.

EIM provides the high-speed Net access solution to home users in both ADSL and HFC infrastructure.

For the uninitiated, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a technology that transforms ordinary telephone lines into high-speed digital lines for Internet access and other broadband applications. Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) technology converts the cable television line into high speed digital line for Internet access and other broadband applications without disturbing the cable television video signal. The bottom line is that both these technologies provide high-speed net connectivity.

Both the technologies will not make a difference in terms of connectivity speed to the user. Apart from the little difference in modem charges, there is no difference in the monthly rentals on both the infrastructures.

"The pattern of Internet usage has changed over the years from being text-based to graphic/multimedia-based. Internet has changed the way people do business, learn and entertain. There has been an increase in demand for online learning and online gaming. Hence, we believe that there is an ever increasing demand for high-speed Internet connection," says Majed.

Apart from the 384Kbps package, Al Shamil also provides 1Mbps and 2 Mbps connectivity speed packages. However, the promotional campaign is applicable only on the 384 kbps package.

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