Another beautiful building aesthetically constructed in tune with the Arab Islamic architecture of the UAE will be added to the stock of many other well-structured buildings in Sharjah. The Sharjah Court Complex, coming up along the...

By V M Sathish (Contributor)

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Published: Sun 3 Apr 2005, 11:38 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 5:53 PM

Sharjah Creek Official building complex is the latest addition to several Islamic architectural delights of Sharjah.

Like many other government buildings, universities, mosques and souqs in Sharjah that give a unique look to every nook and corner of the city, the new court complex contains a dome 47 metres from the ground and a diametre of 22 metres. Work for the project costing Dh6,05,00,000 has been completed and the building is ready for occupation.

“The building is designed in accordance with the UAE tradition, culture and heritage,” said Engineer Saleh Badway, the consultant of the court complex. The new court complex is located adjacent to the Ports and Customs Department building of Sharjah. The official inauguration may take place within a few months.

Within a few months all the courts scattered in different parts of the emirates will start functioning from the new court complex. It will be convenient to have the civil court, Sharjah court and the appeal court in one complex. Saleh said that the new court complex is designed in accordance with Islamic architecture.

The four-storeyed building contains a sub basement, which is only half underground, giving natural light inside the complex and the prison cells. “There are 25 court rooms that can accommodate 15 people each, eight court rooms that can accommodate 25 people, one big court room for 50 people, judge rooms and secretaries rooms,” he said.

Clearly visible from the other side of the Sharjah creek, the entire court complex building covers an area of 36,000 square metres. The basement contains a mosque and jail cells where natural lighting will be available. About 350 people can pray in the basement Mosque that will be located near the prison cells to accommodate male and female inmates. There are seven cells for men and five for women prison inmates. “The construction of the building began in January 2003 and ended in March 2005. The project has been executed by the Ministry of Public Work for the Ministry of Justice, Emirates of Sharjah,” Saleh added.

A new road and other infrastructure is also built to make the court complex accessible from all the sides. Thanks to the new court complex, dhow operators are restrained from dumping used cars for export and import during daytime. While the court ground floor will consist of administrative offices for case registration and other paper works, the first floor contains civil courts.

A part of each floor is devoted for Niyaba. While the second floor consists of the Shariah Court, the third floor contains the appeal court. The fourth floor consists of a VIP section and the computer section. The entire building is connected with a central computer data system.

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