Neil set to act in mainstream cinema

ACTOR NEIL Mukesh who started his career with the unconventional Johnny Gaddar is all set to do his first mainstream cinema.

Neil, the son of singer Nitin Mukesh and grandson of the legendary playback Mukesh, also stars in Sudhir Mishra's 'Tera Kya Hoga Johnny', a movie about a street kid in Mumbai.

'Yes, most debutants start with commercial ventures. But the 'masala' film is finally happening. It's a Yashraj Film directed by Kabeer Khan, featuring John Abraham and myself,' Neil said.

But Kabeer Khan's earlier film for the Yashraj banner, Kabul Express, hardly shows him capable of commercialism.

Neil agrees: 'It may not be a standard formula film. I am doing another out-and-out commercial film 'Freeze' with Eros to be directed by Jehangir Surti. A very interesting concept, and I was kept in the loop from the beginning.

'For me, cinema isn't just about coming on the sets, saying my lines and going away. That's an out-and-out 'masala' film with songs and dances and plenty of special effects.'

Neil has returned the signing amount for Tigmanshu Dulia's proposed film Good Night. 'I did Johnny Gaddar for free. To me being part of movies that matter is very important. I had to opt out of Tigmanshu Dhulia's Good Night because the script wasn't ready.

'I need to read the script at least 20 times before I imbibe my character. By God's grace, I don't have to work for money. My father and I are very simple down-to-earth people. We don't know how to lobby for ourselves. What happened with Tigmanshu Dhulia was very disturbing. I'm not here to create controversies, only to do movies.'

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