My house is very simple and I don't like branded stuff: John Abraham

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My house is very simple and I dont like branded stuff: John Abraham
Photo by Mohammad Mustafa Khan

Dubai - John Abraham inaugurates the Home Centre Karama store in Dubai.

By Arti Dani

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Published: Thu 29 Sep 2016, 2:06 PM

Last updated: Mon 3 Oct 2016, 7:22 PM

There is no need for us to visit John Abraham's sprawling sea facing villa apartment located in Mumbai because the actor, who was in Dubai for the inauguration of the new Home Centre at Karama, described his Bandra bandstand house facing the Arabian sea beautifully while talking to us. He told City Times that he follows the concept of minimalism architecture that is famous in Japan. "I am totally influenced by Japanese architecture, so I like clean lines. I don't like any clutter in the house. I don't like branded furniture, I prefer simple furniture and I think this store has it all. I decorated my house five years ago. And yes, I was totally involved in the house decor; in fact, it was my entire input," said John.
John revealed what he wanted the most from this store. "Honestly speaking, I am picking two rugs for sure."
He also added that architecture runs in his blood, "I come from a family of architects. My brother, father, sister and cousins are all architects. I have grown up in this environment, so to be here is not new to me. I am going to tell them, 'give me all the furniture', I am going to take them home because I really love them all."
Like ordinary people, does this superstar also pick up home décor stuff while travelling or does his support staff do the task for him instead?
"I travel a lot and while travelling if I am shopping then it is just for home decor and nothing else. And now that I have got a destination here in Dubai and I can boast that I know the owners of this store and also, that I launched the store, so I will definitely come back to shop more! But yes, I pick up a lot of home furnishings from across the world because for me that is really important and the other thing is nutrition. So yes, nutritional products and home decor are two of my favourite things," said John.
A huge crowd had gathered at the Karama location of the store on Tuesday evening to see the Dostana star. In fact, after turning up on time, John also made sure to click selfies with his fans. Don't we all know that selfies are the new autographs? Fitness freaks - John doesn't drink It is always good to take inspiration from others.
In today's day and age, we want everything without sacrificing anything. John, who has been stunning everyone with his great body for more than 16 years, does not smoke, drink or eat sugar. "We have a lot of gatherings in my house terrace but the unfortunate part is that I don't drink but I enjoy being in the company of my friends and family during parties," the actor said. Discipline and dedication are his best friends. Don't cheat if you want abs like Johnny Abs "I think you need to be disciplined and a good body is about the balance of mind, food and soul. You need a good workout, good food and good sleep. I think these three elements are like tripod stand, if one falls then even others are useless. Just be disciplined and don't have cheat days. Cheat days are meant for people who are weak."
John will lift cool bikes in his next film "Force 2 is a notch up on Force. It is really high on adrenaline action. It is crazy. And if you love John Abraham lifting motorcycles then you are going to watch him lift something really amazing. Force 2 releases on November 18. The trailer will be out today. So I am very excited about it and I want to see how people react to this film and the trailer." Most expensive item in John's house "My house is very simple. Nothing is really expensive. Oh, wait. I will tell you what is expensive in my house. I am an audiophile. I love speakers. I have got a pair of Genelec speakers. They're Finnish speakers from Finland. And I've also got a pair of Production No 1 & 2. They're really expensive. They are known as the Rolls Royce of speakers."
'Dubai works for me'
"Dishoom was more of Abu Dhabi but we shot few portions in Dubai as well. Welcome Back was shot completely in Dubai. But my association is very simple - whatever I have shot here works. So that's it."
Favourite corner in his house "My gym. I destroyed my brother's design by putting a gym in my house, and he is upset about that but that's where I live and I enjoy that space the most."

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