That the celebrity voices of Simpsons refused to turn up for work demanding nearly three times their present salary is now old news. But there has since been more sabre-rattling not just from the stars but with equal vehemence from the enemy camp - the Fox Network with arguments, ...

By Telly View By Manjula Ramakrishnan

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Published: Wed 28 Apr 2004, 1:53 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 12:32 AM

accusations and acrimony.

It is customary in television business for actors to enjoy the success of a show by way of increased monetary terms. The actors have taken the battle one step further by also demanding profit participation that includes potential merchandising, syndication and DVD profits! Quick with their answer, Fox Network says, "No dough, no giving in to arm twisting tactics, desperate situations demanding desperate measures if need be we will shorten the series and even call it curtains down. After all we can't saddle the show with costs that make it uneconomical to produce." And so with both sides refusing to be brought to the negotiating table, things are heading towards a disastrous climax. Wonder what Nielsen's rating would be for this off-tube drama!


Well, conscience keepers of the tube chastised Janet Jackson and went to the peaks of moral high ground over the lady's infamous wardrobe malfunction. Now every television network is working over time, ensuring there is a minimum of five-second delay even in their live programmes for the self appointed moral police to keep a check on content. And now we find the latest puritan announcements in various networks that claim to be taking a closer look at their various sitcoms to ensure that hot and steamy scenes are made far less explicit. Good that somebody is at long last waking up - now rather than later - for at least parents need not squirm having to share TV time with their little progeny and their curious line of questioning.


Dr. Becker may be people's choice for some hearty laughs, but then he also has his foot in permanent residence in his mouth. And so he is aghast when his patient - a struggling mother of four - tells him that she was considering one more child for her present partner was keen to have one of his own! Becker never to mince words and not believing in euphemism says, Woman, you already have a brood to keep various earlier boy friends happy. How come at the end of the happy stint, you are left all alone with the evidence of their happiness and the men folk in your life are never around to lend you support? Needless to add, after this exchange, the heart of gold, no-nonsense doctor had one patient less from his ever-burgeoning list of deserters!

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