Modelling is coming up roses for Lily

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Modelling is coming up roses for Lily
Lily-Rose Depp

Published: Mon 12 Jun 2017, 4:23 PM

Last updated: Sat 2 Sep 2017, 12:39 PM

FOR A MODEL, signing as the face of Chanel must be the pinnacle of the profession. Like a footballer going to Real Madrid or Manchester United, you know you've reached the top and Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, has done it at the age of 18, becoming the main name behind the brand's signature fragrance Chanel No.5.  
To celebrate, Lily-Rose recently went on a fact-finding mission to the flower fields of Grasse - dubbed the perfume capital of the world - in this month's episode of CNN Style, airing in Dubai on June 17.
Depp describes the olfactory experience of visiting Grasse: "Every time you get the wind, you get a whiff of these incredible roses and it smells like No. 5 is being sprayed all the time."
The 18-year-old joins an illustrious list of names, including Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman, as the new face of the fragrance. She discusses the impact of the iconic perfume: "What I think is so beautiful about the power of scent [is] that it is like music, it has the power to transport you so strongly."
She recalls her childhood memories of the fragrance: "When I smell that it reminds me of my mum when I was little. and my Grandmother also wore it so it is definitely a scent that my family has enjoyed for a long time and in that sense, [it] brings me back to when I was little saying, 'Can I get a little spray?'"
Coco Chanel was the first couturier to create her own scent.  Perfumes at the time were single flower fragrances but Chanel wanted something more complex. Together with the parfumier to the stars, Ernest Beaux, they created a complex bouquet of around 80 ingredients including the May Rose.
During the show you will learn that May Roses are rare and precious flowers that can only be harvested three weeks in the month of May. All flowers are carefully handpicked by women who each collect around 40 kilos of flowers a day.
Mr Mul is a fifth generation owner of the flower fields which have serviced Chanel for almost a hundred years.
"This old May Rose is unique to Grasse. They have tried to grow [it] in Morocco but it didn't have the same odour because the soil, the microclimate gives it something that you can't replicate."
Approximately 40 tonnes of roses are harvested every season, and poured into vats where they are heated with a solvent to extract the essential oils. There are around 12 roses and a thousand jasmine flowers in each 30ml bottle of perfume along with ylang ylang, sandalwood and orange blossom.
Olivier Polge is the second-generation nose at Chanel and is responsible for ensuring the recipe and nuances in the scent remain unchanged. He explains the composition of the fragrance, saying:
"There is a certain complexity and richness from which comes the mysterious side of it, which makes it very special but at the very end I cannot really tell you - I think there's something you can't explain and you should leave it as is."
The June episode of CNN Style also features Charlize Theron, who speaks about red carpet style.

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Lily in Grasse
Lily in Grasse
Lily picking Chanel's roses
Lily picking Chanel's roses

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