Missing the music

WHEN ONE OF the most famous singers in the Middle East makes an appearance at an extravagant event, one can only assume that she’ll belt out an impromptu song or two for her adoring fans, even if it’s not part of the agreement.

By Mohamad Kadry

Published: Sun 12 Apr 2009, 9:41 PM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 10:56 PM

But when mega-diva Elissa arrived at the ultra opulent Atlantis Ballroom for the launch of L’azurde’s new posh jewellery line, the only thing that conspicuous by its absence was the music.

L’azurde’s party-throwing abilities are not in question (the event would have made anyone question whether the world was reeling under economic crisis), but using a superstar such as Elissa to generate buzz comes at a cost, we realise. Does her high level marketability represent a growing problem among Arab celebrities who are selling themselves (and their talent) for the moolah?

As brand ambassadress for the luxury jewellery company, Elissa fulfilled her obligation by showing up for the party, but showing up was all she did. For several hours, her hit records played out over the sound system and her photos were splashed behind every piece of jewellery on display.

Donning a deep red gown fit for the occasion, the songstress seemed content at merely sitting on stage while company officials described the new line of precious stones laid out around the glowing hall.

But as dinner was being served, Elissa’s time was up and she quietly made a quick exit. For someone who has garnered fans from around the world, Elissa seems to have forgotten how she has achieved this level of superstardom. Her talent, never in doubt, was hidden behind a gold plated mask to go along with the evening’s theme.

The success of the night is still up for debate, leaving many to question whether Elissa has become a tried-and-true sell-out. Because even the brilliant five-course meal, glamorous crowds and priceless jewellery won’t compensate for the music that seems to have been overtaken by a bloated ego.


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