Masalamix: Malaika-Katrina cold war

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Masalamix: Malaika-Katrina cold war

The Khan household is once again ablaze with Katrina blaming Malaika for leaking news about her phone bills to the press

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Published: Tue 4 Aug 2009, 11:45 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Apr 2015, 1:24 PM

The otherwise happy Khandaan – Salim Khan and his brood – are fighting an unfortunate internal struggle, with their son Salman Khan’s girlfriend, Katrina Kaif and their daughter-in-law Malaika Arora Khan engaged in a cold war.

Sources close to the family reveal that Malaika and Katrina have disliked each other from their modelling days. When Katrina started dating Salman and was accepted by everyone in the family, it was only Malaika who maintained a distance from her.

But recently this cold war turned worse when Katrina reportedly blamed Malaika for betraying her to her ‘friends’ in the media. Sources close to Katrina think that it may have been Malaika who hinted to the press about Katrina’s phone bills.

A friend of Katrina’s reveals, “When Salman got to know of Katrina’s late night phone calls to John he threw a fit. Only the close family knows about this and none of them would leak this to the press as the Khans are a very close-knit family. Katrina feels that Malaika may have given this secret away.”

Katrina reportedly also told Salman that, despite his huge showdown with Shah Rukh Khan, Malaika continues to be a good friend to Shah Rukh and wife Gauri. 

When Malaika heard of Katrina’s accusations she was naturally annoyed. Malaika reportedly wanted Katrina to prove her allegations, and informed the family that she did not like to be blamed for no reason; and that she has more important and better things to do.

Malaika feels that she cannot suddenly stop associating with Shah Rukh and Gauri just because Salman had a showdown with them. Besides, Malaika did not even attend Katrina’s birthday party last year where all this tamasha took place. Her non-attendance at this party caused a further rift between the two beauties.

Friends of Katrina feel that Malaika may be insecure about Katrina’s rising popularity and her being such a favourite of the Khan family. “From being a model she has successfully transitioned to become one of the top paid actresses in Bollywood. Malaika is also miffed about the fact that despite not being married to Salman, Katrina gets the same amount of respect, even though she has been stringing along Salman for ages.”

She further adds, “Salman has always been the favourite son of his parents and because of that Katrina was easily accepted into the family. Though Salim Khan is hurt that she is not ready to make any commitments, he still likes her because she has brought a certain balance into Salman’s life.”

Industry sources say, “The Khan family is currently torn between two parties with the two daughters-in-law on one side and Katrina and Salman’s sisters on the other.”

The family hopes that both their favourite girls, Malaika and Katrina will come to some understanding and stop disliking each other.

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