A former employee of the Dubai Labour Supply Company (DULSCO) has claimed that he has been unfairly charged with complicity in the disappearance of his wife Smitha, a computer graduate from Kerala.

By Riyasbabu (Staff Reporter)

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Published: Mon 16 Jan 2006, 12:20 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:33 PM

Smitha went missing on September 3 after she arrived in the UAE on a visit visa. Sabu had contended that his wife had eloped with her boyfriend in Abu Dhabi and even produced a letter allegedly written by her in this regard.

Sabu who was facing a prosecution case was recently released from jail after the court found him not guilty on the charge of illicit relationship with Mini, a housemaid, who was allegedly sharing an apartment with him.

Police had charged the two with having an illicit relationship and the finger of suspicion pointed at Sabu following the disappearance of Smitha.

"I am totally innocent and ignorant about what happened to her. This incident has ruined my life. I thought of committing suicide several times. I was in jail otherwise I would have done it," he told Khaleej Times.

He lamented that "everybody accused me of being behind the mysterious diappearance of my wife, and people are propagating that I had sold my wife to the sex racket. How can I do that? I brought her to the UAE to live with me. I was even trying to find her a job and gave her CV to several companies," he told this newspaper after he was released from jail.

Sabu said that when he came from work on September 3, he did not find his wife at home. "Instead I found a letter from her in the room stating that she is going with her lover who is in Abu Dhabi and to forget about her. I am sure her family knows about her affair with another man. Probably they know where she is now. That's why they are not keen on the issue any more," he claimed. Sabu said he was terminated from his work and is now without job trying hard to survive.

Fancy, Smitha's mother told Khaleej Times earlier that she is still waiting for information about her daughter who went missing in Dubai since September 3, and alleged that her husband, Sabu alias Antony, is behind her mysterious disappearance.

"I don't know what happened to my daughter. But I am sure about one thing, Sabu and Mini, the woman who shares his apartment, are aware of my daughter's whereabouts. I have not slept well all these days. I just want my daughter back," she said.

The mother-in-law had some doubts about Sabu's behaviour when he insisted on taking Smitha to Dubai from Delhi. "Sabu's mother came over to our house and took the girl to New Delhi on August 28. When we asked why they were travelling from New Delhi and not any airport in Kerala, they said tickets were not available."

Fancy recalled that Smitha had called her up on September 3 and said that she would call later. "I have not heard her voice since that day."

The episode began when Sabu lodged a complaint with Al Rafa'a Police Station that his wife was missing from their Karama apartment. He produced a letter allegedly written by Smitha in which she stated she was leaving his home to stay with her boyfriend in Abu Dhabi.

But according to Smitha's parents, the letter has been forged. "The letter has not been written by Smitha. The style of writing and the script are different from her handwriting," contended the parents.

After two days, Sabu lodged another complaint with the Dubai Police alleging that Macson, a cousin of Smitha, tried to attack him and had threatened to kill him. But, according to Smitha's parents, Macson went to Sabu to enquire about Smitha, which led to an argument which culminated in a fight.

Later, Dubai Police arrested Macson, Sabu and Mini. Police charged Sabu and Mini with having an illicit relationship.

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