As part of the Dubai Ports Authority-organised Adventure Surprises week, the Al Ghurair City is hosting an exciting Fantasia Adventure, which takes Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS 2005) visitors down the history lane of Hollywood cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse ...

and Harry Potter and teach the little ones small magical tricks.

Originally scheduled to take place at the Town Centre, the venue of Fantasia Adventure has been shifted to Al Ghurair City where daily events take place from 5pm till 10pm.

These Adventure Surprises week events include the History of Wizards, Wizarding Workshops, Magic Class, Scientific Wizardry and Master Class where children emerge as magic experts with a first class certificate.

An exciting introduction to Wizards through the ages as told in old stories starting with Hollywood era of the early 1940's will be followed by a Wizard of Oz, Mickey Mouse and the ‘Sorcerers Apprentice’ right up to today's most popular Wizard, Harry Potter. In the Wizarding Workshop Wizard teachers will show the potential young wizards how to make their own wizard hat and wand for use in the subsequent sessions.

“Our close work Magician will teach kids great fun tricks that they will be eager to demonstrate to their families back home. Disappearing knot tricks, simple playing card tricks and many more harmless illusions will be demonstrated,” said Merlin, Headmaster of the Adventure Wizard School.

“With scientific wizardry including household tricks such as alkali and acid litmus tests children can see paper changes colour, full glasses of water turned upside down and still remaining full and many other simple but surprising tricks,” she added.

Merlin will show children many top class illusions never before seen in the country.

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