Life’s a song for Asala

FAMOUS SYRIAN artist Asala Nasri recently appeared as a guest on the Syrian radio station Sham FM. She called in to the programme and spoke about her latest album live from her home in Damascus.

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Published: Sat 5 Jul 2008, 11:53 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:09 PM

According to the London daily Elaph, Asala took the opportunity to respond to the accusations by the head of the Syrian Art Association, Sabah Obeid, of being unpatriotic by singing in various Arabic dialects, rather than the Syrian dialect.

Asala said that she can achieve success inside or outside Syria because she has the talent to do so.

Asala said that she tried contacting the Syrian poet Omar Al Fara many times but was unable to reach him, and that Egyptian artists have been easier to work with and more energetic.

She also said that she feels more connected to the Egyptian dialect and more comfortable singing in it.

Asala revealed that her latest album will be released at the beginning of July and is called ‘Hus Halah’ (Half Condition). The song ‘Hus Halah’ was written by Midhat Al Kholi and composed by Hisham Nasih. Asala will film a video clip for the song.

Asala worked with Tamer Ashour and Muhammad Yehya on several songs.

Asala said the album features various Arab dialects, including the Moroccan dialect.

During her interview, Asala sang a section of her new song ‘Awqat’ (Sometimes), composed by Rami Sabri.

Asala said that she will play the role of a pregnant woman in her first film, directed by her husband Tareq Al Aryan. She said that she got pregnant twice, but had a miscarriage each time. She and Tareq are still trying to have a baby.

Asala’s ex-husband Ayman Al Thahabi appeared as a guest on the entertainment show ‘Sawalif’ (Chats), aired on the Dubai channel. On the show he accused Asala of bringing their divorce into the spotlight, and the show host accused him of being the main reason.

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