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Life in Fujairah? Simply beautiful!

Life in Fujairah? Simply beautiful!

Lubna Abbas believes Fujairah is a great place to de-stress

By Lubna Abbas

Published: Sat 27 Jun 2015, 7:40 PM

Last updated: Sun 12 Jul 2015, 5:01 PM

Photo by Rahul Gajjar/Khaleej Times

What’s life like in Fujairah, you ask? Well, I would say it’s simply beautiful.

As someone who lives here, I’m pretty sure that the rest of Fujairah’s residents would agree with me. I think that once you get used to living in such a peaceful place, there’s nowhere else you’d want to be.

A lot of people are under the misconception that life in Fujairah is boring, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fujairah makes me feel like I’m home. There might not be a lot of choices when it comes to shopping malls or dining outlets, but it’s the kind of place that can make you forget all your stress.

Spend a day here away from all the traffic and noise and I’m sure you’ll appreciate Fujairah’s tranquility as well.

There is a vibrant spirit here that is evident on festive occasions, especially National Day when all of the seven emirates are beautifully decorated with lights and flags.

Since I’ve experienced Fujairah’s celebrations many times in the past, my family and I decided to check out what Dubai had to offer last year. While the city was beautiful and bustling, it is Fujairah that continues to take my breath away.

At a previous National Day celebration, I had witnessed a rally at the Indian Social Club of almost 200 people celebrating the happiness and success of their adopted country by playing drums and trumpets. Their enthusiasm was infectious and I was glad I had the chance to experience it.

While Fujairah has a somewhat laid-back atmosphere compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is this very quality that attracts those seeking some quiet time. The beaches are, needless to say, beautiful and serene. All this, and more, is what makes Fujairah special. It’s my happy place.

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