Konkona feels 'stupid' after meeting young 'geniuses'

Actress is hosting a show called 'India's Geniuses' which will premiere on December 10

konKONKONA SEN Sharma felt stupid after meeting a bunch of high-intelligence youngsters who feature in the TV show "India's Geniuses" that she is hosting. But the actress didn't mind at all!

"Although I felt more stupid after meeting them, I realised I have done nothing in my life yet as some of the geniuses have achieved so much in their lives at a tender age," Konkona, who was here to promote the show, told IANS.

"India's Geniuses" is part of "My Brilliant Brain", a TV series that premieres on December 10 on the National Geographic channel. It examines geniuses - some as young as 10 - to answer questions about human intelligence and how one is born a genius.

Konkona will present the stories of these geniuses and is elated about it.

"Something unusual is what attracts me and this series is based on a unique concept, so I decided to host it. Moreover, I am an avid fan of this channel," Konkona said.

"Whenever I watch the channel it gives me a refreshing change because despite being a part of the Hindi film industry I am tired of continually watching programmes which feature Bollywood gossip or dance," she said.

The acclaimed actress won the National Award for her performance in "Mr. & Mrs. Iyer" and was appreciated for "Page 3", "Omkara" and "Life in a... Metro".

But talking about her TV experience, she said: "It was a humbling and fascinating experience as I got the chance to meet some wonderful people and explore their mind.

"I don't believe in God, so it was extraordinary to see how the brains of select people develop and behave in a distinct way. The brain is such an interesting organ!"

However, she said, nurturing such children was a challenging task for their parents.

"Being a genius is definitely a boon but for the parents of children having special abilities it must be really difficult to nurture them and to provide them with all the facilities they must get, which is not possible in every case."

What if Konkona had been a genius herself?

"If I had been a genius it would have been different, I am sure. I would have mastered my memory, which is otherwise very poor," she said and laughed.

Her recent release, "Laaga Chunari Mein Daag", bombed at the box-office but the star earned rave reviews for her performance. She will next appear in Madhuri Dixit's comeback vehicle "Aaja Nachle"

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