Kids get into auction mode

Its never too early to get kids to learn more. Especially when they are in Dubai, the city of breathtaking architectural wonders. With this in mind, the Dubai Land Department has designed an exciting event as part of the Knowledge Surprises week.

The Fatfoot Auction will teach children how freehold auctions are carried out. The event is held at the Mall of the Emirates.

It is multi-stage competition of several stages, testing the knowledge and quick thinking of the participants. The event also teaches participants the arts of investment and how freehold properties are auctioned.

Sultan Ibrahim, Deputy Head of the Organising Committee of Knowledge Surprises week said, “This activity will have a huge impact on all participants, especially children. It will help them widen their horizons and increase their general knowledge through team competitions that are full of fun.

There are four levels in Fatfoot: at the first level, participants are asked simple questions, and whoever answers becomes eligible to enter the competition.

At the second level, they get a number of loops to be thrown around any of the models machines that represent famous towers around the UAE. Every tower represents a number of points. At the third level, competitors throw their hoops on buildings to try to accumulate as many points as possible, to enable them to enter the auction.

The auction itself is the fourth level, where each contender enters with the number of points accumulated. The auction takes place around a huge map of the Dubai. A host of attractive prizes can be won in this auction and competition.

The Knowledge Surprises week — 19 events in five different Dubai malls and lots of prizes — organised by Dubai Land Department will be running until August 9.

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