Kick-start your health

After a long, hot summer of fun and food, it’s time to peel back the pounds

Summers sweltering heat has a way of deteriorating people’s health in many ways, mainly because they’re just too lazy to be active.

Like most who battle the sweltering temperatures, gaining weight is a common, unsightly side effect. But a new fitness programme in Dubai aims to help break those summer pounds.

KO Gym, the promoter of boxing and kickboxing in the UAE, has set the cards on the table: half of 2010 has passed already, and if you want to end the year with the body you strived for after New Year’s, it’s time to knuckle down.

It’s been dubbed the Survivor’s Challenge: a 12-week fitness overhaul that is promising participants a change from the otherwise mundane workout routine.

Membership is limited to three groups of 25 people each: one women’s class, one men’s class and one mixed.

Each entrant will receive coaching from a nutritional consultant who will offer support and guidance throughout the 12 weeks, as well as all of the equipment they will need: boxing gloves, wraps, gym bag as well as essential start-up supplements.

The three weekly training sessions are geared specifically for aggressive fat-loss, including one session of kickboxing at KO Gym and resistance training. The programme will also be implementing a new type of muscular training known as plyometrics to help build power and speed for increased energy. If summer hasn’t been good to your waistline, then it might be time to break a real sweat.

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