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Many people spend thousands of dirhams decorating their homes. Interior decorators are hired, the best materials are sourced and expensive furniture is bought.

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Published: Sat 27 Jul 2013, 2:15 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 6:10 AM

Everything needs to be perfect. However the trend these days is to use opulent objects to make the house look posh. Very little thought is given to the function of the room. The main aim is to decorate everything in the finest of materials so you feel good. The thought is noble, but is it required?

Let me give you an example – I was invited for dinner to my friend Mariam’s house last month. She had just purchased a new home and was keen to show it off. Upon arrival I was in for a real treat – there were lavish chandeliers, antique carpets, expensive furniture, manicured lawns… Everything was picture perfect except one thing; Mariam and her husband were constantly arguing in front of the guests. It was obvious that their relationship was under pressure. But I was still not able to figure out what was wrong with the Feng Shui of their new home. However when I visited one of the toilets, I found my answer.

The toilet was decorated in bright red colour with beautiful crystals on display. The basin counter had lovely display of crystal statues. Expensive paintings were hung on the bathroom walls along with family photographs. One could have easily mistaken this toilet for a bedroom. If a small couch was placed here; I am sure people would fall asleep in the toilet. The energy was way too calm and very relaxing for a toilet. Upon doing a compass reading I discovered that the toilet was located in the relationship or the mountain area of the house. As a result of which there was a lot of imbalance in the relationship. Secondly by decorating the toilet in a grand way, the bad energy within the toilet was enhanced and was causing trouble in the relationship area. It was not easy to convince Mariam to tone down the design of the toilet. However once she realised the damage it was causing, she toned it down. After implementing the suggested changes, her life has taken a turn for the better and the arguments with her husband have gone down considerably.

When houses were built in ancient China or India thousands of years ago, the toilets were always positioned outside the house. It was believed that toilet has bad energy and therefore it is best to leave it outside your home. However, these days’ toilets are inside the house due to convenience and lack of space. But we need to remember that the toilet is not the main area of the house and design it accordingly. Firstly, never use bright colours in the toilet as it enhances bad energy. Colours such as white, silver, black, and grey are better suited for toilets. Secondly avoid displaying family photographs or mementos in the toilet. Keep those for your bedroom or the living room. Remember to light a scented candle to clean up the bad energy from time to time. Avoid using chandeliers or crystals in the toilet as it stagnates bad energy. The key to designing a good toilet is to keep it simple and quiet. Just remember – simple design is the most effective design for toilets.

Shivani Adalja is an Abu Dhabi-based well-being expert. She runs the Alignment Insitute which offers effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing

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