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Kate Moss is living in fear after a gang raided her Range Rover while her three-year-old daughter Lila Grace stood just yards away.

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Published: Mon 12 Jun 2006, 12:57 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:44 PM

The robbery took place only days after the supermodel's mobile phone was stolen, and friends say she fears little Lila might be kidnapped or become the victim of an even more horrific 'carjacking' where gangs target expensive vehicles.

She is said to be stepping up her personal security and even considering hiring a bodyguard.

The thieves targeted Kate's car near her £2million North London home when her nanny Jade Davidson was taking Lila to a ballet lesson.

Jade, the 20-year-old half-sister of Kate's close friend, actress Sadie Frost, had pulled up in England's Lane, a quiet road in Belsize Park, to allow the toddler to answer a call of nature.

While the two were out of the car, the thieves struck, stealing Jade's handbag, wallet and credit cards and Lila's backpack, as well as a substantial sum of Kate's money, described by friends as a 'float'.

Ironically, the £50,000 Range Rover's blacked-out windows — popular with celebrities — made it harder for passersby to see inside and detect the robbery.

The drama has left Kate, who admitted herself into a rehabilitation clinic last year after her cocaine addiction hit the headlines, 'very shaken and very anxious', according to friends.

And she fears that some of the drug users she mixed with while she was dating her heroin addict lover Pete Doherty know where she lives.

Although she has cut herself off from her drug-using friends as part of her rehabilitation, she still speaks regularly to the Babyshambles singer.

A close friend said last night: 'Kate is very, very anxious about the situation. She has been the subject of two rather personal crimes in a short space of time and it has really shaken her up.

'She keeps speaking about how much worse it could have been. Jade was utterly traumatised as she thought they would hijack the car and keeps saying, "Thank God Lila wasn't in it."

'It was also very upsetting for Lila. The thieves snatched her little bag with her toys and books. She was very disturbed.'

She added: 'Kate knows Lila could have been in the car when the thieves struck. And they could easily have taken the car with Lila in it.

'It doesn't bear thinking about, but Kate has realised that she's heavily followed, people know where she lives and she needs to up her security.

'Kate feels she's become a lot more vulnerable because of her cocaine exposure.

'She fears the lowlifes she used to mix with when she went out with Pete Doherty and the drug users she once knew, could be out to rob her. She's become very paranoid and wants to step up her security immediately.

'She knows Lila could be an easy target for a kidnap and she's given the nanny a very strong lecture on what she must and must not do when she's out with Lila.

'Kate has never had any security in her home, but this has been a big shock for her and has made her very anxious.'

Just days before her car was raided, Kate, who has a lucrative contract with Virgin Mobile, was watching a burlesque show at a private party in Central London hosted by the lingerie store Agent Provocateur when she noticed her phone had been stolen from her handbag, though her purse and all her money were still there. 'She was totally freaked out about the theft and asked everyone around her to check their bags,' said another guest at the event.

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