Kareena upset with Saif for picking Deepika!

The actress who is known to fight fiercely for the roles could not understand how this role did not fall in her kitty

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Published: Thu 3 Jan 2008, 11:54 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 3:04 PM

WHILE KAREENA was being touted as the natural choice for Saif Ali Khan’s first home production to be directed by Jab We Met director Imtiaz Ali, it’s official now that Deepika Padukone has been signed on for that project instead.

After much argument and deliberation, Imtiaz decided to pick Deepika over Kareena Kapoor, who was very keen on being a part of Imtiaz’s next film and boy friend Saif’s first home production. But Imtiaz was very clear that Kareena did not fit the bill, and decided to put his foot down.

This became a big bone of contention between producer Saif and director Imtiaz as well. We hear that if Saif had his way, he’d want Kareena in every production even his first. In fact, he was quite sure that his production house would take off with a film starring Kareena along with him. And since Imtiaz had just delivered a big hit with Kareena, Saif saw no problems on that front.

But he wasn’t aware that Imtiaz had other plans. Imtiaz insisted that Kareena wouldn’t suit the female lead this time and insisted on signing Deepika. Saif and Imtiaz had several heated and prolonged arguments over the matter. But Imtiaz was adamant. Saif had no choice but to give in or replace the director. Better sense prevailed and Saif has decided to stick by his director.

Kareena, who thought she was a natural choice for Imtiaz after Jab We Met, was very hurt about being kept out of a project that she felt is rightfully hers.

When narrated the script she strongly felt she would do more than justice to it. Kareena, who is known to fight fiercely for the roles she thinks she deserves to play, could not understand how this role did not fall in her kitty. Especially, the fact that a rank newcomer like Deepika was chosen over her when she had recently delivered a hit with Imtiaz. It is also natural for her to feel bad for being excluded from her boyfriend’s first production. According to a source, Kareena was almost a hundred per cent sure that she would be doing Saif’s first film. Not just because she is his girlfriend but because she is a great actress. She feels that Deepika is more a media made star. She hardly displayed any great talent in her first film. Kareena also feels let down that Saif could not push enough for her. But the fact of the matter is that Saif did try to make her a part of the film but Imtiaz convinced Saif that Kareena didn’t fit the role at all. Saif seems to have been impressed by Imtiaz’s professionalism and decided to listen to him.

Imtiaz says that there is nothing wrong in that. “It’s very simple. Deepika suits the role. Kareena who is my absolute favourite, does not. Fortunately or unfortunately, my fondness for an actor is not the criteria for casting. I cannot cast Kareena wrongly, not after casting her so perfectly as Geet in Jab We Met.”

He adds that he is sure he will write a role for her in his next film. “I’ll happily queue up outside her door for her dates.”

So Kareena will just have to wait her turn! And accept the fact that Saif is a businessman who will do everything to make sure his first film is a hit. Affairs of the heart will rule just his personal life

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