Kajol gets animated

Kajol gets animated

Actress speaks to us about her first 3D film, Toonpur Ka Superhero which is playing in theatres now. Kajol now hopes to take a break from the big screen till her son turns three.

Have you always been a fan of animated films?

When you have kids you can’t help but be a fan. I loved Avatar for all its special effects but my all time favourite would have to be Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

What according to you will make Toonpur Ka Superhero stand out from all the other releases?

It will stand out as it caters to a wide variety of audience. You cannot restrict it to one genre as it is interesting, funny and intelligent at the same time. There are certain nuances of the film which would appeal to kids and adults alike. It is very endearing.

Did it take a lot of convincing for you to be part of Toonpur Ka Superhero?

None at all! The entire idea of a live-action 3D film was exciting from the word go as I wanted to try something new, understand different techniques and of course, I was looking forward to a great learning experience.

Did you have fun working with the kids, Amey Pandya and Chinki Jaiswal?

The kids were brilliant and I had a great time shooting with them. They were very cute while at the same time quite professional.

If given a chance to play any character from Toonpur Ka Superhero, who would you choose and why?

It would most definitely be Guppy, he is an absolute rock-star and very cool. I would also choose him for his white shirt!

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