Jennylyn, Patrick happy with Super Twins co-stars

NOW THAT Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia have admitted they are on, it seems the next move of some folks is to break them up. It's said that on the set of their hit GMA-7 show, 'Super Twins,' they're always...

By Guil Franco (Correspondent)

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Published: Mon 2 Apr 2007, 10:33 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 11:45 PM

jenbickering with each other and folks would no longer be surprised if they'd split up soon. 'I'm really wondering why there are such stories about us, which are baseless anyway,' says Jen. 'We really don't quarrel with one another. In fact, in the set, we don't have time to talk with each other because we really attend to our respective work which becomes our priority.'

She continues: 'Patrick and I just get together during taping breaks like lunch or dinner. Hope, those who are into rumour-mongering to draw a wedge between us, that they will be happy instead for us and not weave tales that are far from reality. 'As of now, we're just thankful that Super Twins is always number one in the ratings game.'

Jennylyn does an action role as Super S in this GMA-7's new drama-fantasy series. 'We had to train in the martial arts before taping Super Twins and I'm glad I've had training before in Super Noypi‚ so things became relatively easier this time around,' she says.

Patrick, in Super Twins, is not her love interest but is actually paired with Camille Prats. What can she say about the story that her fans do not approve of Patrick for her?

'That can't be helped because a lot of them are still hoping that I'll still be reconciled with Mark (Herras.) But as far as I am concerned, I'm already happy with Patrick because he's really considerate, respectful and a real gentleman.'

So is she happier now with Patrick than with Mark then? 'Yes, I'm happier with Patrick. But please don't ask me to compare them anymore because that won't look good. It suffices to say that I wish Mark well and hope that we'll remain friends.'

How does Patrick feel now that he's appearing in Super Twins with both his current girlfriend, Jennylyn, and his ex, Bianca King? 'No problem as Bianca and I remain good friends,' he says. 'But I'm really happy to be working with Jen in the same show.'

Doesn't Bianca feel uncomfortable working with Patrick and Jen? 'Not at all. Like he said, we're friends. Our past is past and we've both moved on. It was even me who told Patrick then to court Jen because she's GMA-7's princess. And as far as Jen and I are concerned, we're in good terms that's why there's no problem in working with them.'

How about Marianne Rivera who's also in Super Twins? Jen's ex, Mark, wooed her after he broke up with Jen. Is there tension between her and Jen? 'None at all. Everytime Jen and I see each other, we always exchange pleasantries. And during our pictorial for the show, she was even nice enough to offer me her lipstick when we're having our make-up.'

A case then of everything's well that ends well?

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