Is that really you, hermione?

WITH MUCH tut-tutting and anguished sighs of desperation, Emma Watson has been perusing her wardrobe in preparation for her long-awaited 18th birthday party this week.

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Published: Tue 15 Apr 2008, 10:55 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 2:43 PM

While other girls her age might be happy with a new outfit from Topshop or Zara, the sophisticated Miss Watson has turned up her delicate, retrousse nose at the rows of couture Chanel and Chloe already hanging on her designer rails and declared them totally unsuitable for the occasion.

Personal stylist

There have been protracted and occasionally fraught discussions with her personal stylist and at least one moment when she became so exasperated by her inability to find the perfect ensemble she considered opting for jeans and her favourite multi-coloured Converse.

But after several shopping sprees, plus the usual private audiences - reserved for stars of her ilk - at some of the most exclusive fashion houses in London, the actress (better known as Harry Potter's sensible sidekick Hermione Granger) has finally decided on the perfect melange.

Not even her closest friends are permitted to know the full details of the expensive creation she will wear for her big night.

But Emma, who this month is pictured in both British and American Vogue, is determined her look should be utterly show-stopping. No expense will be spared (although with a reported £8 million in the bank, she's hardly likely to be left short).

And by way of an early birthday present to herself, she has already picked out an as yet unrevealed new and suitably girly run-around after passing her driving test in January. In the clipped Home Counties tones for which she has become famed, Emma has said her celebrations for her coming of age will be 'storming'.

Certainly, she has earned some time off the leash. She has hardly had a night out in more than a month, she is wont to moan to friends, as she busily shoots the latest installment of the hugely successful Harry Potter film series. Meanwhile, her evenings have been spent diligently revising for her A-levels.

Of course, this being Emma, Saturday's party is hardly likely be to the sort of vomit-drenched affair thrown by less level-headed teenage hostesses - particularly as not only will her parents both be present, but her boss, David Heyman, the all -powerful producer of the Potter films, is also invited.

However, one name unlikely to find its way on to the guest list is that of Johnny Borrell, the somewhat slackjawed and self-appointed wild man of rock who is a singer and guitarist with indie band Razorlight.

When Emma was photographed partying with the self-confessed ex-heroin addict and former friend of Pete Doherty two months ago, her lawyer parents are said to have 'gone up the wall', not least because he is ten years her senior.

Warner bros

Their concerns about the shaggyhaired Borrell - who bears more than baseball boots, a passing resemblance to a strung-out Cocker Spaniel - were also shared by Emma's film bosses at Warner Bros, who insisted on inserting a strict 'good behaviour' clause in her latest multimillion-pound three-film contract.

Borrell, who squired Emma to a party during London Fashion Week in February, is the type of escort likely to have executives from the company waking in a cold sweat. His last girlfriend, Hollywood starlet Kirsten Dunst, checked into rehab after splitting with the rocker earlier this year.

The front man, who claims he was 'a smackhead at 16' met blonde Emma at a launch party for Vanity Fair and Burberry at the National Gallery before the couple set tongues wagging by sharing a cab to the later bash hosted by fashion chain PPQ.

Insiders at Warner Bros in the US say pictures of the couple posing for the paparazzi were greeted with 'near apoplexy' by the owners of the billion-dollar film franchise.

Emma was prompted to make a hasty denial that she was dating the singer on her official website. But therein lies the problem for Emma and her team of handlers. Some within her camp would like to see her preserved safely in aspic until her commitment to the series ends in 2010, but the simple fact is that Emma has suddenly blossomed into a beautiful and desirable woman.

Witness her traffic-halting, flesh-coloured mini-dress and vertiginous heels that took the eye of the oafish Borrell. For her part, friends say nothing happened between the couple, although Emma does admit privately to 'fancying like mad' the scruffy singer.

Teenage beauty

Nor is he the only male who has beaten a path to the teenage beauty of late. Last month a ra-ra-skirted Emma was seen indulging in some prolonged snogging with a square-jawed admirer called Jay at an after-show party following the Empire Awards in London.

They are said to have spent the night locked together in full view of other revellers in the upstairs VIP area of the trendy Carbon club near Marble Arch, coming up for air only to chat with other guests, including supermodel Agyness Deyn and new Bond girl Gemma Arterton.

After midnight Emma, who had previously announced she needed to get home early so she could attend classes the next day at her £3,500-aterm all-girls school in Oxford, left separately from her beau.

But Jay, who earlier had his hands all over her, hid in the doorway of a nearby casino until photographers were gone, and is said to have joined her later at a West End hotel.

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