Is Sushmita taking revenge on Randeep?

Sushmita Sen, who has hardly any films to boast of, is acting tough with the producer of her forthcoming release Karma Aur Holi. She has refused to promote the film if her co-star and ex-boyfriend Randeep Hooda, is part of it.

Karma Aur Holi initially titled Karma Confessions And Holi is an Indo-American venture starring several Indian and international stars. It is directed by New York based Indian filmmaker Manish Gupta and produced by Drena DeNiro – Robert DeNiro’s daughter.

After many setbacks the film is finally being released on March 6, but the producers are in a fix because of Sushmita’s lack of co-operation.

A source from the film’s production reveals, “Sushmita has demanded that she will promote the film only if Randeep is kept out of the pre-release campaigns. Since nobody wants to upset her we are keeping Randeep out of it.”

Meanwhile Randeep is quite unaware of this development. “I spoke to the producers recently and they did not tell me anything,” he said.

Sources say that Sush is miffed with Randeep for not patching things up with her after their break up. She was very keen on continuing their relationship as he was a very good influence on her daughter Renee.

Our source reveals, “Sush desperately wanted to make things right with Randeep but he wanted to end the relationship. This didn’t go down well with her and she is now taking revenge.”

Another story doing the rounds is that the film has a few racy scenes between Randeep and Sushmita and the actress fears that the media may overplay this. A close friend of hers reveals, “While shooting for the film Randeep and Sush were a couple but now they have broken up and she is dating Mudassar Aziz. The film has some sensuous scenes between Randeep and Sush, which she wants to downplay. Knowing Randeep’s penchant for publicity, Sush fears that he may talk about it to the press.”

Seems like Sushmita is being cautious. Remember Chingaari directed by Kalpana Lajmi? In the film, Sushmita shared a passionate kiss with Anuj Sawhney. In an interview, Anuj made a big deal of the kiss, which irritated Sush who felt Anuj was using her name to gain publicity. She refused to promote Chingaari and agreed only when Kalpana promised to leave Anuj out of the film’s promotion. Looks like some people never change!

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