Is Shilpa heart-broken?

TREMENDOUSLY ATTRACTIVE, fabulous figure, cultured, well bred and still on the right side of 30. Right now, the darling of the world after winning hearts and ‘Celebrity Big Brother' Ambassadress for India, meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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Published: Wed 7 Feb 2007, 10:39 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 11:59 PM

shilpaand being presented before Queen Elizabeth. Awaiting the release of Metro and Apne back home, while British filmmakers are queuing up to sign her.

When Shilpa Shetty seems to have it all, why does love always fail her?

The heartbreak she faced over Akshay Kumar (her first serious relationship) was uncalled for. Shilpa, after declaring her love to the world later discovered that he was cheating on her. She retreated into her shell only to emerge much later, attracted to an industrialist. While this is one she did not tell the world about, it was more than obvious when she attended all his business functions. Not one to usually go for married men, perhaps Shilpa held on to this relationship, since he had reportedly even promised to leave his wife for her. Eventually of course, this met with a sad end.

She was then seen dating the hot young politician Milind Deora—pretty much unattached! While their dates became public property, when it came to marriage there was a hitch. Deora didn’t like all her screen exposure and wanted a conservative girl to marry!

This time around, it seems to be another eligible bachelor, hotelier Sanjay Narang of Sushmita fame. And he has it all—the mansions in the hills, a three-storied Mews home in London, an apartment in New York. Besides, of course, his hotel and restaurant business and the airline catering run by his company. And judging by the way he wooed Sush, the word is no less than extravagance in terms of dates and gifts!

shilpa1Shilpa is said to have first met Sanjay on a yacht, where she attended a high society do with friends. Apparently, they found each other interesting and exchanged numbers. Thereafter, she was invited to his Mumbai home (again not alone but accompanied by friends) for dinner. Besides bumping into him at various social do’s, Narang also asked her out a couple of times. By which time, Shilpa was beginning to give her heart to this suave and interesting man.

The relationship graduated to London, where she also met him at his lavish Mews home and a couple of times joined his group for dinners. When a man was expressing this much interest, how could Shilpa resist? Besides, he is known in society as the most eligible catch around town, even though he’s tipping 40!

But it was in New York that Shilpa got a shock! When she arrived in the Big Apple she called Sanjay, knowing he was in the city too. She apparently suggested they meet but he turned it down saying he was busy watching a match. Shilpa thought nothing of this till she called him a couple of times thereafter but was met with lame excuses on his part! It is then that it dawned that he was avoiding her! Sad, considering he had earlier given her the definite vibe that perhaps there was something more between them. A sad Shilpa, not one to chase an uninterested man, withdrew once again.

According to friends of Sanjay Narang, though he may have expressed an initial spark, he is not really interested in Shilpa at all. They insist that it’s really tough for him to give up his single status, even though he keeps expressing a desire to find and wed a simple, homely girl who has no ambitions. He does not want a working wife.

So even as the world is celebrating with Shilpa right now, is she hiding a broken heart? All she wants is to marry a good man and settle down, as her family would like her to do. Rumour goes that mum Sunanda Shetty is even on the lookout for a nice NRI boy, on the same Shetty status level, who Shilpa can identify with. Considering all the disappointment in love Shilpa’s faced, perhaps, as the saying goes, mother knows best after all.

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